What is the relationship between vitamins and CBD?

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CBD is taking the health and wellness world by storm, and is probably one of the most popular and talked about health supplements of recent times. CBD is not just another compound that offers a particular result; This cannabinoid affects the body in a holistic way due to interactions with the endocannabinoid system, producing a wide variety of potential beneficial properties.

Cibdol is at the forefront of innovation in hemp and cannabis in Europe, and we constantly strive to develop new products that harness technologies for extraordinary results. Our latest range of products synergistically combines CBD with essential vitamins for humans. These products include Liposomal Multivitamin with CBD and Liposomal Vitamin C with CBD.


At Cibdol we specialize in creating some of the highest quality CBD products on the European market. We take many measures to ensure that our final product is always clean, powerful and effective. Our products are completely natural and the production process is free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Cibdol’s CBD is extracted from organically grown, GMO-free hemp, produced in the EU

Our CBD oil has a beautiful golden appearance, a sign of its potency and purity. This is the result of an exclusive filtration process carried out in our Swiss laboratories. Cibdol’s CBD quality is transparent: we regularly publish routine laboratory test results, which show the cannabinoid content of our products and are available to all customers.

The rise in popularity of CBD is due in large part to scientific studies on this compound. Cannabinoids stand out as a nutritional and health supplement, due to their specific and multifaceted effects on biological systems.

CBD influences multiple receptor cells in the body, especially those of the endocannabinoid system. These include two G protein-coupled cell membrane receptors, known as CB1 and CB2. The endocannabinoid system has been shown to be an important modulatory system for the human body, with a regulatory role in brain, endocrine, and immune tissues.


Cibdol’s constant innovation, as well as our intensive knowledge of the latest scientific advances, have led us to increase our range of products with liposomes, small liquid globules that contribute to the optimal absorption of CBD and other active ingredients. Basically, liposomes are nanoparticle delivery systems, which increase the bioavailability of nutrients by protecting them from the harsh conditions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Liposomes are especially important for those who want to consume CBD and nutrients to improve their health and well-being, as these tiny structures help deliver much higher percentages of active ingredients than any other delivery method. Furthermore, liposomes have been shown to be very safe, non-toxic and biocompatible.

Our CBD Multivitamin and CBD Vitamin C products contain liposomes to increase the absorption of the cannabinoids, vitamins and minerals used in the formula. Both products can be consumed as part of a complete daily CBD oil diet, to provide the body with even higher levels of these beneficial nutrients.

In addition to the liposome delivery method, Cibdol CBD vitamins come in the form of a liquid extract. This also contributes to absorption, since being easier to digest allows the body to assimilate the formula in approximately 5 minutes, providing instant nutrition.


Cibdol Liposomal Vitamin C with CBD provides the consumer with 3mg of hemp extract and 250mg of vitamin C with each serving. CBD and vitamin C share beneficial health properties in several areas and are a wonderful nutritional combination. For example, vitamin C is known for its ability to boost the immune system. This system is influenced by nutrient intake, and vitamin C has been shown to contribute to the proper functioning of immune cells, such as white blood cells.

CBD also contributes to immune health. This cannabinoid has a homeostatic effect on the immune system, which it produces through the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system reportedly has an important regulatory role in the immune system.

Beyond immune function, vitamin C helps improve health and wellness in other ways. This water-soluble vitamin is necessary for the biosynthesis of collagen, the main component of cartilage, fascia, ligaments, tendons, bones, and skin. If collagen levels are increased, they could improve skin and hair health, joint health, and gut health. Vitamin C also has an antioxidant effect, helping to neutralize DNA-damaging free radicals.

CBD could also improve bone health, further justifying the alliance of these two nutrients. CBD acts on a third possible endocannabinoid receptor, known as GPR55. In doing so, it plays a regulatory role in bone density, through the reabsorption of bone minerals.

Each bottle of Cibdol Liposomal Vitamin C with CBD contains 150ml of liquid, with 90mg of CBD.


Our Liposomal Multivitamin with CBD combines cannabidiol with a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals. This potent blend helps improve and strengthen immune function. Each dose contains:

3mg of hemp extract
0.7mg of vitamin B1
0.75mg of vitamin B2
8.5mg of vitamin B3
3mg of vitamin B5
0.75mg of vitamin B6
7.5mcg of vitamin B12
6mg choline bitartrate
2.5mg inositol
250mcg of methylfolate
1.25mg of PABA
250mg biotin
250mg of vitamin C
7.5mcg of vitamin K2
5mcg of vitamin D3
200mcg of vitamin A
3mg of vitamin E

With this impressive list, consumers can take a big leap in the right direction in meeting their daily nutritional needs. Each nutrient contributes to the improvement of bodily function, and each offers its own beneficial properties for health. Combined with CBD, these powerful multivitamins are an excellent choice for wellness and prevention.

For example, the B vitamin complex helps the body produce energy from the food eaten throughout the day. It also contributes to the formation of red blood cells, vital for transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Vitamin D3 is also an essential nutrient. This vitamin is created naturally when the body is exposed to UV rays from the sun; but spending too much time indoors, or living in a region with long winters, can lead to a deficiency. Vitamin D3 is used to absorb calcium, promoting bone health. It also contributes to immune function.

Biotin is another source of health contained in Cibdol Liposomal Multivitamin with CBD. Biotin is a vitamin associated with the good condition of the skin and nails.

Each bottle of Cibdol Liposomal Multivitamin with CBD contains 150ml of liquid, with 90mg of CBD.

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