What is the origin of CBD? Use and history, legislation in France

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If you want to learn more about the history of this mysterious molecule called cannabidioldiscover our article dedicated to origins of CBD !

What are the origins of CBD?

Hemp, also called cannabis, grows in several regions of the world. Especially in tropical, humid and mountainous areas. It is even one of the first plants cultivated by man more than 8000 years BC. AD! At that time, hemp was mainly used for the manufacture of strong fibers and to feed.

Throughout history, cannabis has never ceased to be talked about! Firstly because of its multiple characteristics, we are rediscovering it for its benefits in the 20and century. It is indeed during this period that we discover cannabidiol. This molecule which makes the family of cannabinoids naturally present in hemp is already starting to intrigue!

This important discovery is due to Raphaël Mechoulam and Roger Adams. In 1940, Roger Adams, a former Harvard student, succeeded in isolating CBD from other molecules. It is then necessary to wait until 1963, so that an Israeli biochemist, Raphael Mechoulam, manages to determine its molecular structure. It is thanks to his work that we were able to discover that CBD is not a toxic psychoactive.

Use and history of CBD consumption

According to peoples and different eras, CBD can be consumed for many reasons. But also, of many ways ! Its positive effects on body and mind are known. Hemp can, however, have multiple uses. In raw material to manufacture textiles for example. It was highly valued for the design of clothing, ropes, paper and various fabrics for its great resistance.

In China, Egypt, some Nordic countries, parts of America and Africa, there is evidence that cannabis was used by ancient peoples around 10,000 BC. The uses have of course evolved over time and according to the needs of men. To cite an example, when man wanted to start conquering new lands, he knew how to adapt hemp. Thus, he made sails and ropes for his ships.

Today, CBD is consumed in several ways! on the skin, infusionin the foodwith a spray… There is now a mode of consumption suitable for every consumer !

CBD Legislation

This active ingredient naturally present in the hemp plant offers recognized benefits. Unlike THC which is banned in France because of its psychotropic effects, CBD is authorized as long as it respects French and European laws.

The standards and legislation governing the marketing and consumption of hemp are valid for all forms of CBD. Thus, all CBD-based products must not exceed a rate of 0.2% THC to stay within a legal framework.

CBD products present on the French market

You can find CBD in all its forms! Flowers and resins, oils and capsules, CBD e-liquids, hemp cosmetics, infusions, food… The choice is yours based on your preferences and the effects you are looking for.

The action, duration and intensity are different depending on each mode of consumption. Indeed, the fastest solution, for example, is thecbd oil. Next, spray products, these can work in just 15 minutes. Then, infusions, drinks, confectionery and foods with CBD will take longer to act because of digestion. Moreover, this form of CBD is ideal if you are looking for a gradual relaxation at night before sleeping.

Adapt the CBD level to your Consumption habits. If you want to experience the effects of CBD, start with the lowest rate offered. You can increase gradually.

The prospects for CBD in the French market

With more and more consumers, new CBD shops are opening every year. L’increase in demand can lead to an increase in job creation in France! Indeed, this development is a real opportunity for farmers, traders and manufacturers. The current CBD market in France is also estimated at 700 million euros.

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