What is the difference between MCT base and hemp base for CBD oil?

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Discover the different bases that make up your CBD oil!

You have noticed that some of your CBD oils are at MCT basisbut you don’t know exactly what it is?
We will discover it together in this article!

First of all, you should know that the CBD oils need a main support to have an optimal effect.
This bracket ( fat body ) dissolves the components of hemp to facilitate diffusion in the body.
It can be in the form ofvegetal oils or of vegetal glycerine.
You can use coconut oil, avocado, MCT (coconut bass), hemp seed, olive, sesame, etc.


As we have just seen, this solution makes it possible to facilitate the absorption of CBDbut not only !
The carrier oils also make it possible to dose the CBD with more precision and bring even more benefits to the body.
Indeed, depending on the carrier oil chosen, you will be able to enjoy its positive effects and properties while consuming your cbd oil.



MCT based CBD oil

To start, MCTs means in French ” medium chain triglycerides “.
It is an oil that is composed of caprylic acid (C8) and capric acid (C10), medium-chain fatty acids found incoconut oilbut also in palm oil.
Its taste is neutral and it has many benefits which go wonderfully well with effects of CBD.

If you want to consume theMCT based CBD oil like a dietary supplementknow that this carrier oil does not cause weight gain unlike other vegetable oils, in fact, it is not stored in fatty tissue, it is directly assimilated by the body to produce energy.
L’MCT oil also helps to stay more focused while stimulating memory, its lipid intake improves the general functioning of the brain.
In addition, this oil improves digestion, it is an ally for people who suffer from intestinal problems.


CBD hemp oil


L’hemp oil is extracted from hemp seedsit is the most widely used carrier oil.
Most often, the hemp-based CBD oils are high quality oils.


It contains essential fatty acids (omega 3, omega 6, omega 9), vitamin E, amino acids and minerals, which bring many benefits to the body.


This oil boosts the capacities of the brain, helps with skin problems (especially mature skin and dry skin) and strengthens the immune defenses.



Choose your CBD oil


In summary, the hemp-based CBD oils and the MCT-based CBD oils have different qualities, but both provide additional, if not complementary, benefits to CBD.


You can choose the base that suits you best or explore both options to get a better idea.

You should also think about CBD rate which suits you the most, you can choose from our wide range of CBD oils!
We have some CBD oils 5%from CBD oils 10%from CBD oils 15%from CBD oils 20%from CBD oils 30% and CBD oils 40%.


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