The joy of living, for six centenarians of Bama, China

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“None of the centenarians take medication, none have had to undergo surgery, and in this town there are no cases of heart disease, obesity or diabetes. They live extraordinarily long, healthy and happy lives.”

Dr John Day, 2014.

While Dr. Day’s experience is truly eye opening, what stands out most is the motivation, joy and positivity of the Bama centenarians. The sight of him will likely resonate with anyone trying to lead a balanced life in today’s busy modern society.

It is not strange to perceive age as an obstacle, as something to fear. In Bama, people feel like getting old; their smiles are contagious and their happiness gives us hope that we can lead a long and fulfilling life without the need for a lot of money, technology or comforts.

How can we incorporate some of their life habits in a world that demands long working hours, locked in offices?

Being generous with our neighbors, or eating pure and uncontaminated food. According to Bama centenarians, these are some of the things that contribute to a healthy life. If anything, it’s the sheer pleasure they feel at the thought of getting older that makes these small lifestyle changes more desirable. If we could capture the essence of his love of life, it would really be worth making those adjustments. And not only for feeling the difference in oneself, but also for the impact on the people around us.

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