The importance of making sure your hemp is organic

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Demand for hemp is skyrocketing among consumers and manufacturers. As many of the many uses of hemp are recovered, more and more people want to use and make products from it. These cases range from the health-conscious consumer who uses hemp-based products to improve their well-being, to fashion companies who want to use it for garment manufacturing, to insulation manufacturers who seek efficient and environmentally friendly raw materials. ambient.


To meet the demand, more and more farmers are planting hemp. However, as in any market that follows the laws of supply and demand, this plummets prices and profitability. Therefore, many of them are not organic crops, since it would limit the harvests and their possible benefits. Growing hemp organically is not that easy. Farmers who want to do so may not use artificial fertilizers, genetically modified seeds, growth regulators, fungicides or pesticides. Instead, those who want to grow organically will have to revert to crop rotation and assume they won’t harvest the same amounts as someone who doesn’t grow organically. Since they depend on large harvests for their livelihoods, it is understandable that many farmers opt for the non-organic option.


For many sectors this is not a problem, but for environmentally conscious consumers it is. For example, hemp doesn’t have to be organic to make building insulation with it, but those who want to build a green house will probably feel better knowing that it is, since it would minimize their impact on the environment.

For those who intend to ingest hemp products, it is a much bigger concern. Many people buy hemp seeds as a nutritious source of protein and vitamins. However, if it does not come from organic farming, we could be eating seeds produced with a large amount of harmful chemicals. For example, it is easy and cheap to buy hemp seeds in pet stores, because they are often used as food for some critters, although this does not mean that the product from any of these stores is of sufficient quality for human consumption.

This aspect is also important for CBD oil manufacturers like us. We don’t want any chemicals or genetically modified products to get into your Cibdol CBD oil, so we go to great lengths to make sure the hemp we use to make it is certified organic. This concern is not shared by many other unscrupulous sellers who want to jump on the CBD bandwagon, so it’s important to educate yourself before you buy!

Regardless of your intended use of hemp, demanding that it be organic will help create a more ecologically sustainable industry and ensure that the product you receive is pure (if you are going to consume it). Supply meets demand, so if we ask for organic, more and more farmers will start growing it. There isn’t as much organic hemp on the market as people think, so be careful!

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