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CBD has gone from being a relatively unknown cannabinoid to being one of the most popular compounds in the cannabis plant. And thanks to the subsequent innovation boom, consumers today have many ways to take cannabidiol (CBD).

Each method of consumption offers different advantages and results. Below, discover the most common ways to take CBD, the best products available, and everything you need to know about each method.

What CBD products are on the market?

There are a number of ways to get this versatile cannabinoid into your body, from adding a bit of CBD oil to drinks and food, to inhaling clouds of cannabidiol-rich vapor. Each method meets the specific needs of different types of consumers, since not all consumption methods are ideal for everyone.

That being said, the best way to find your preferred method is to experiment with the wide variety of CBD products available in each category. However, to help you in this process, this article contains all the information you need to get started.

Four ways to take CBD

The four routes of administration listed below not only change how this cannabinoid is ingested, but also how it travels through the body. In addition, the diversity of options allows the consumer to improve their experience with cannabidiol. Each consumer is not limited to just one way to take CBD. You can combine various methods to alter the duration of the effects and how quickly they occur.

Oral CBD

CBD is an efficient, simple and discreet way to take this compound. Swallowing several drops of CBD oil is the easiest and most effective way to consume this molecule. Another option is to mix CBD oil into food or drink to mask its taste, or there are more interesting and tasty options, from gummy bears to CBD-infused desserts.

Oral CBD Products

Cibdol’s product selection offers various oral formulations of CBD. Our products have different CBD concentrations, and many of them contain additional nutrients that add unique elements to each blend.

• CBD Oil: Cibdol’s CBD oil is available in various concentrations. Made from naturally grown hemp in the EU, and processed using innovative CO₂ extraction technologies, this high-quality oil delivers a pure dose of CBD and terpenes. CBD oil is mixed with different carrier oils, such as olive oil, MCT oil, or hemp seed oil.

• CBD Gel Capsules: These capsules are one of the most efficient ways to consume CBD orally, both at home and on the go. Using the same high-quality CBD oil from our product range, these tasteless and odorless capsules are easy to incorporate into your supplement diet, and can be consumed cleanly and easily.

• Liposomal CBD Oil – Liposomes are a form of nanotechnology that deliver active ingredients to target cells, increasing the bioavailability of CBD. These small “capsules” transport the cannabidiol safely through the digestive system until it reaches the area where the action of the CBD is required.

• CBD isolate: these CBD crystals are 99% pure, being the most concentrated form of cannabidiol. You can use them to create your own CBD oil, sprinkle them on your food, or mix them into your drink for a high-quality dose of CBD anytime, anywhere. These crystals are intended for the more advanced consumers who want to make their own natural blends.

The best ways to consume CBD

What do you need to know about oral CBD?

When taking CBD orally, this compound must pass through the digestive tract and liver before entering the bloodstream. In the liver, an important metabolic organ, cannabidiol undergoes first-pass effect and is partially broken down.

This longer route means it will take a little longer to feel the effects – up to two hours. Also, not all ingested CBD will remain intact or become bioavailable. With each dose, you will absorb around 20% of the cannabidiol (or more, if you take liposomal CBD). However, the effects of oral CBD tend to last longer than the effects of other methods, so this could compensate for its lower bioavailability or the time it takes to take effect.

Sublingual CBD (under the tongue)

The sublingual route involves putting a few drops of CBD under the tongue, holding it in the mouth until it is absorbed into the oral mucosa. This method does not require prior preparation and its effects can be felt quickly. It’s fast, easy and discreet.

CBD Sublingual Products

• CBD Oil: Apply our full-spectrum CBD oil under the tongue, waiting one minute before swallowing. This is how most consumers choose to take our CBD oil.

• CBD Isolate: 99% pure CBD crystals quickly dissolve under the tongue, sending large amounts of CBD into the blood. However, CBD isolate does not offer the same benefits as full-spectrum oil.

• Meladol: This unique blend combines the calming power of CBD with the regulating effect of melatonin. This product is designed to promote a healthy sleep cycle.

• CBD Nasal Spray: Although it is applied to the nostrils, this spray passes through the mucous membrane of the nose to reach the systemic circulation. Like the sublingual application, this route of administration sends the cannabidiol directly into the blood. This spray is a class 1 medical device, and also contains eucalyptus and capsaicin to help clear the airways.

CBD oil 15% (1500mg)

What do you need to know about sublingual CBD?

The sublingual application provides a quick and effective effect. The CBD molecules penetrate the thin layer of tissue under the tongue and immediately diffuse into the capillaries, blood and cells, offering a high bioavailability of 40-50%.

Since the sublingual application bypasses the digestive system, it won’t take long for you to feel the effects. However, they will not last as long as the effects of orally ingested CBD. Although a quick method, sublingual CBD lacks the flavor and creativity that oral cannabidiol offers, instead you’ll trade cakes, gummies, and shakes for simplicity and effectiveness.

The consumption of most CBD oils combines the oral and sublingual methods, since you first hold the oil under the tongue and then swallow the rest, combining the advantages of both methods.

Topical CBD

Topical CBD does not reach the bloodstream, but instead interacts with receptors in the skin (our largest organ) to keep it balanced, healthy, and supple. Topical formulations contain a large number of different molecules that help maintain skin health and slow the signs of aging.

CBD Topical Products

• CBD Medical Creams: These creams are class 1 medical items that contain CBD as an additional ingredient. The CBD is encapsulated in liposomes to facilitate skin penetration, while other ingredients nourish and rejuvenate the skin to help combat redness and dryness.

• CBD Beauty Creams: Designed to aid beauty treatments, these creams combine CBD with various proven cosmetic ingredients to keep skin young, soft and supple. Normally, CBD beauty creams act on a specific area: mainly the face, but also on areas such as hands or feet.

• Other topical products with CBD: There are also products such as lip balms or eye gels with CBD. Similar to creams, these products are designed to care for the skin and help keep it healthy and balanced, but they can offer greater layers of protection or faster absorption in areas of application.

What do you need to know about CBD for topical use?

Topical CBD works only on the skin. Cannabidiol and other natural ingredients do not reach the bloodstream. Instead, topical CBD penetrates the epidermis of the skin to produce deeply nourishing effects through the endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors in the skin.

The ECS of the skin, whose task is to maintain the proper functioning of this organ, dictates the delicate balance[1] cell proliferation, growth and differentiation.

Zemadol (Cream for eczema)

inhalable CBD

When inhaling CBD, cannabidiol enters the lungs and diffuses through the alveoli to reach the blood, producing almost instantaneous effects. While not always the healthiest way to consume CBD, many users prefer the more relaxing effect of smoking or vaping, not to mention the increased bioavailability of these methods of consumption.

CBD inhalable products

• CBD Flowers: Breeders have developed cannabis and hemp strains with high levels of CBD and low amounts of THC, to produce a lucid, non-stoned high. The flowers can be smoked or vaped.

• E-liquids and extracts: These products contain high concentrations of CBD in a single puff. They are highly refined and are often used in a vaporizer.

• Inhalers – These devices offer a clean, instant, and precise way to deliver CBD directly into the blood through the lungs.

What do you need to know about inhalable CBD?

Inhaling CBD largely involves smoking or vaping. But smoking causes combustion, which creates cancer-causing chemicals. Therefore, most CBD users avoid this method, opting for the safer vaporizations.

Vaporizations use lower temperatures to release the cannabinoids and terpenes without burning them, thus avoiding many unwanted chemicals. State-of-the-art vaporizers allow you to select specific temperatures, offering complete control over the experience.

On the other hand, modern CBD inhalers rely on aerosol technology to deliver a fresh extract to the lungs, free of carcinogens and any molecular degradation.

Inhaling CBD gives you great control over the experience, along with a high bioavailability of 50-80%. The effects appear quickly, so the user can take one puff at a time until they find their optimal point. As you might expect, the effects of inhaled CBD do not last as long as those of orally administered CBD.

Which CBD product is best for me?

As we mentioned before, the best way to find out which CBD product is best for you is to experiment. Try different consumption methods and different products to see which gives you the best results. But keep in mind that if you mix several products, you must write down your total daily intake in milligrams. This way, you can use this data to track your progress and find your sweet spot, instead of trying blindly.

Take a look at the Cibdol store

To start your CBD experience, or to try something new, visit our store and check out our selection of high-quality products. We cover almost every route of administration, and we have something for everyone. If you want to learn more about CBD and how the molecule works in the body, you can check out our extensive CBD Encyclopedia.

[1] Bíró, T., Tóth, BI, Haskó, G., Paus, R., & Pacher, P. (2009). The endocannabinoid system of the skin in health and disease: novel perspectives and therapeutic opportunities. NCBI. [Referencia]

[1] Bíró, T., Tóth, BI, Haskó, G., Paus, R., & Pacher, P. (2009). The endocannabinoid system of the skin in health and disease: novel perspectives and therapeutic opportunities. NCBI. [Referencia]

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