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Before describing what the benefits of CBD cosmetics it is necessary to premise that hemp seed oil And cannabis oil, although they are often confused, they are distinct products with quite different characteristics. CBD is an active ingredient extracted from cannabis flowers, which has beneficial effects on the skin and is therefore widely used in the production of cosmetics. In this article we will analyze the beneficial effects of CBD on the skin, nails and hair.

After many years of misinformation, cannabis has been re-evaluated, especially for its healing properties of one of its two active ingredients, CBD, acronym for cannabidiol. It is precisely the versatility of the phytocannabinoid that decrees its success in cosmetics. The cosmetic industry, in fact, uses CBD and leaves out THC, which instead has psychotropic properties. It is a totally natural element, which is extracted from inflorescences of Cannabis Sativa.

THE organic CBD cosmetics they allow themselves to be preferred to all the others, as they allow the body to be nourished with substances that are harmless. All cosmetic products that are used on the skin, from deodorants to moisturizers, contain substances that end up in the circulatory system, therefore in the blood. Many cosmetic products include the notorious parabens, chemical preservatives that are harmful to health.

Bio cosmetics with CBD

THE bio cosmetics with CBD they are free of pesticides and fertilizers. Cannabidiol is a valuable product for the cosmetic industry, not only because it is natural but also because it is an element that can help the health of the skin and other parts of the body. Not many people know that the human body naturally produces cannabinoids. To understand why CBD is a boon to the epidermis, it is important to know what the endocannabinoids of the skin are for.

What are endocannabinoids?

They perform important functions, such as regulating sebum secretion: the sebum serves to protect the skin as it is made up of terpenes and waxes. A CBD-based cosmetic, therefore, is useful for regulating sebum production. At the same time, a cannabidiol cosmetic can be used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial for the skin.

The benefits of CBD on the skin

Cannabidiol is an element that interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body, because it helps the body to regenerate.
But what is the endocannabinoid system? It is a network of receptors, integrated with each other, through which the homeostasis of the organism, ie its stability, is ensured. Obviously, the receptors of the integrated system are also present in the skin of the body, in several places. For this reason, CBD is very useful from a dermatological point of view: it interacts with the epidermis in a completely natural way, favoring homoeostasis, with all the resulting benefits. CBD works not only on damaged cells of the epidermal tissue, but also on healthy ones. There are numerous researches that have confirmed the regenerative properties of cannabidiol; However the benefits of CBD cosmetics they progressively increase.

CBD and psoriasis

Cannabidiol is also effective in psoriasis treatment, which is characterized by the proliferation of keratinocytes. For many years, a cure for psoriasis has been sought. It is a skin disease that manifests itself with patches with a red background, on the top of which white scales develop. The cause of psoriasis is an excessive production of cells, sometimes triggered by psychological problems, which in many cases result in a depressive form.
Cannabis oil is used to attenuate the chemical reaction, as its components are able to penetrate inside the skin cell, slowing the proliferation of keratinocytes. CBD is used to block interleukin, thus preventing the formation of the infamous psoriasis plaques. Therefore the epithelial cells, thanks to theCBD oilare produced in smaller quantities with a benefit on psoriasis and also on eczema.

CBD as a sebum regulator

Likewise CBD is capable of reduce sebum production, one of the many problems related to oily skin. It is no coincidence that those who experience excessive sebaceous secretion also suffer from irritation, as well as frequent redness of the skin.
In fact, the skin tends to get irritated and inflammations worsen the situation of the epidermis. Inflammation is in fact a natural reaction on the part of the skin when there is a skin problem. Using a CBD product it is essential because it acts on the inflammatory response of the epidermis, regenerating the damaged cell at the same time: its function therefore not only cures the effect, the inflammation, but also the cause, thanks to its regenerative qualities. For this reason, the cosmetic industry, which manufactures products to be applied topically on the body, is increasingly looking at it with great interest cannabis and especially cannabidiol.

CBD against acne

In essence, cannabidiol exerts an inhibitory action against sebocytes, preventing the excessive secretion of sebum, one of the causes of the formation of “boils” on the skin. Acne it is a problem that afflicts millions of adolescents around the world; is one of the most common skin diseases of all: cysts, pimples and blackheads can be treated and eradicated with a topical cream based on cannabidiol. Obviously it is always recommended to consult with a dermatologist, who will be able to recommend the most suitable product for the specific case.
Excessive sebum production isn’t the only cause of acne, which is often a result of frenetic bacterial activity. CBD has antibacterial propertiesthus managing to defeat infections and eliminate the bacteria that cause the annoying rashes.

CBD against acne

CBD is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial

CBD is antiviral and antibacterial, therefore able to solve many problems that afflict the skin. One of the most common discomforts, as far as the epidermis is concerned, is the formation of acne, caused by an excessive production of sebum. Recent studies have established that i products with CBD, for topical use, they perform a triple function against acne. The benefits of CBD cosmetics are many and among these there are also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties!

CBD as an anti-inflammatory

It has an anti-inflammatory action. The research carried out in this sense has confirmed it unequivocally and the opinion from the scientists is unanimous. The CBD is an anti-inflammatory natural, as they are able to eliminate inflammatory cytokines and chemokines: they are proteins that must be kept under control by the body, even through food. In fact, the stimulation of these proteins, beyond a certain threshold, can cause very serious damage to the cells of the body. The benefits of cosmetics with CBD, therefore, go as far as helping the body to remain in a balanced situation, avoiding inflammatory processes.

CBD and antioxidant properties

CBD is a antioxidant natural; it is able to stimulate cell differentiation and growth, carrying out a considerable nutritional action. This important property is noticeable when buying a product, based on CBD, against aging. One of the causes of skin deterioration and wrinkle formation is the oxidizing action of free radicals. CBD is a natural antioxidant, much more effective than many other compounds on the market, which often use chemicals. Cannabidiol controls cell differentiation; recent studies have discovered its benefit against the proliferation of cancer cells.

CBD is a great anti-aging

Thanks to its properties, CBD is used in the cosmetic industry to produce creams for the treatment of the eye contour area. It’s about products anti-aging capable of reducing wrinkles around the eyes, as well as reducing bags and dark circles. There anti-aging cream with CBD, it is not greasy and is also an excellent make-up base. It is sufficient to apply it twice a day, in the morning and before going to sleep, massaging the area with circular movements.

Products with CBD for nails and hair

Cannabis oil is used successfully for strengthen nails and heal cuticlesthose annoying thickening of the skin found at the root of the nails.
THE CBD products they are also used as a substitute for conditioner. Simply massage the scalp with cbd oil. After letting it rest for about 10 minutes, you can rinse it with a normal shampoo. It is a good habit to follow this procedure for a few weeks: you will find that you no longer need the conditioner.


CBD products against dry and oily skin

The CBD creams they have properties elasticizing and emollients; however, the advice is to use them for a rather long period; it has been found that the emollient effects are enhanced over time. CBD is also a cure-all against dry skin, in cases of skin dehydration. The product based on cannabidiol it can act as a protective film, against the action of atmospheric agents.

Against dry skin, on the other hand, you can rub thecbd oil, especially where the skin is less hydrated; the area is easily identifiable as the skin is cracked in that part. Sometimes you also have particularly dry feet and hands, due to the climate, pollution or frequent use of socks and gloves. A CBD product can be passed by massaging the extremities until complete absorption occurs.

Interaction of the active ingredient with the integumentary system

In recent times the so-called have been spreading more and more cannabis massages. These are skin manipulation sessions, with the use of anti-aging products that moisturize the epidermis. L’cannabis oilcontaining CBD, is among the most used products, as in addition to carrying out a beneficial action for cell regeneration, it is an anti-inflammatory that counteracts muscle pain and inflammatory processes in the joints.
In addition, cannabis oil is a product energizingowns calming properties and also stimulates theintegumentary system: therefore it strengthens the cells and regenerates them. CBD products are able to activate the three main receptors in the skin: painful, tactical and dermal. In fact, cannabidiol, acting on the CB1 receptor, produces analgesic effects. Cannabis oil for this is also used for sports injuries, making recovery less painful.

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