Terpenes: what they are and health benefits

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You may have never heard of terpenes, what they are and their benefits, but if you were wondering why some aromatic plants they are so fragrant than the others, could you tell me what this intense perfume produces? And above all because it lasts over time without disappearing?

Plants like lavender, rosemary and cannabis produce a unmistakable aroma which allows us to recognize them even without seeing them. Well, this feature of theirs is possible thanks to a specific substance: we are talking about terpenes.

Their name may be totally new to you, or you may already have read it in relation to CBD inflorescences. The fact is that as soon as we explain what terpenes are, your mind will immediately connect them to daily experience. All of us, in fact, know very well what perfume rosemary releases even if we don’t know that it is precisely the terpenes that produce it. The same goes for cannabis.

However, the terpenes they are much more than that.

In the course of the article we will understand what terpenes are and what their properties are, which have made them so famous that they have become a global business. In fact, on our shop you can find many products that contain them and soon you will discover why we have created them specifically like this.

What are terpenes

Terpenes are gods biomolecules, that is organic compounds, present in many plants (including hemp) and even produced by some insects. Their primary function is to give the plant, especially the resin present on it, a particular fragrance that distinguishes it from the others. Think that they are even used inside foods to flavor them.

Specifically, the terpenes of the hemp plant develop in moles trichomes positioned on the inflorescences, that is small hairs that to the naked eye appear as a silver down. Within them there is the greatest concentration not only of terpenes but also of cannabidiol, active ingredient rich in beneficial properties. This part of the plant is qualitatively so high that it is used for the production of a particular product, hashish, where there is a high concentration of CBD.

Spectrum of terpenes and intensity of the light received give the plant its aroma and this is the reason why each vegetable has its own scent. However, the aforementioned characteristic is not exhaustive to explain what terpenes are.

In addition to this peculiarity which is probably the best known, terpenes also have the function of protect the plant from the surrounding environment so that it thrives luxuriantly.

Finally, the terpenes they possess many beneficial properties which are also retained in the final product. These are potentially positive for the human body since by binding to receptors inside the body they can stimulate certain responses. We will soon see how.

Do plants produce terpenes?

In explaining what terpenes are we have said that they come produced by both many plants and some insects. We have also said that, as far as plants are concerned, they have a very specific function while they are found in nature.

First of all, plants and insects need it for defend against external attacks by predators and pathogens. Although terpenes are present in vegetation as in the animal kingdom, it is extremely fascinating how their function is the same.

The terpenes send a series of messagessome warn predators while others attract pollinators and natural allies.

Finally, terpenes possess many beneficial properties not only for the human organism but obviously also for the plant itself. Being anti-inflammatory, they take care of the plant when it is damaged and help it heal, treating wounds and invigorating its immune defenses.

The different types of terpenes

Terpenes are present in many plants but it is necessary to be more specific about them. In particular, there are approx 150 different terpenes in cannabis, each with its own characteristics. Of these, some are present in larger quantities and with considerable properties, while others occur in such a minimal percentage that they become negligible.

Let’s analyze the most famous terpenes that we can find in hemp inflorescences:

  • Karyophyllene: this molecule produces a very strong and spicy aroma, it is found not only in cannabis but also in other plants such as pepper and cloves, it binds with the CB2 receptor present in the endocannabinoid system of the nervous system and for this reason it is found often referred to as a cannabinoid;
  • Limonene: you can easily guess where this terpene is found, in addition to being found in cannabis, it is present in citrus fruits and ginger;
  • Myrcene: found in plants such as cannabis but also lemongrass, it has a delicate scent and remarkable properties;
  • Pinene: present in cannabis as well as in pine needles, basil, rosemary and parsley;
  • Terpinolene: releases a fresh aroma, it can in fact be found in the tea tree as well as in nutmeg, and its beneficial properties have the heart as the main recipient.

What are the benefits of terpenes for our health

By explaining what terpenes are and what are the main types contained within the hemp plant, we also understood that they have many beneficial properties. In reality, the benefits of terpenes are not new since man has been studying and experimenting them for some time for the creation of essential oils, among which we also find thecannabis oil.

If until recently the focus was almost exclusively on cannabinoids, therefore on CBD and THC, today the other natural substances contained within hemp are becoming increasingly interesting in the eyes of the community. These already work in synergy in nature with amazing results, giving life to the so-called entourage effectand they can continue to do so also in the final product that can be purchased on the market.

Let’s find out what the benefits of terpenes that science has also tested on the human organism.


The main advantage we start from, which is found in numerous terpenes, is that anti-inflammatory. You will remember that terpenes work to heal the plant when it is damaged by external attacks and in particular pinene, myrcene and caryophyllene do.

The Education show that the anti-inflammatory action is also possible in the human body since terpenes act on the so-called endocannabinoid system where are the receptors responsible for the response, all without causing side effects. In fact, their action does not produce any psychoactive effect as THC would, on the contrary.

Knowing what terpenes are is therefore essential to harness their properties without running the risk of running into contraindications. It is also important to remember that each terpene boasts characteristics that are peculiar to it and that differentiate it from the others.


A valid reason why people have progressively approached the world of cannabis is the fact that it has some remarkable pain relieving properties. You have surely heard about it in relation to CBD and THC, but we are happy to tell you that other substances present in the plant also produce a pain-relieving action. Precisely for this reason it is important to know what terpenes are and what their power is.

Researchers found that terpenes are capable of relieving pain, imitating the action of cannabinoids itself. And we will tell you more, the pain reliever result is amplified by the entourage effect with exceptional results.

Terpenes like pinene and linalool do they bind with CB1 receptors present within the endocannabinoid system making the body feel less pain. This explains why they work in a very similar way to cannabinoids.


Terpenes are tasked with strengthen the immune system of the plant or animal in which they are found and this property is certainly not lost when the plant part undergoes a process to obtain the final product.

According to the studies conducted on these substances, it seems that one of their main characteristics is that of protect the immune system strengthening and invigorating it after the attack of viruses and external parasites.

Terpenes such as pinene, ocymene and caryophyllene have the ability to fight harmful agents by defending the organism in which they are found. Cannabis has always been a valid natural remedy not only to combat illnesses and diseases already in progress, but also to prevent their onset. Man, for millennia, has understood that it is better keep a fit body treating it day after day rather than running for cover when a problem arises.


Many terpenes have some calming and relaxing properties, is one of the main prerogatives of cannabis in general. However, some terpenes, among which myrcene stands out, have such relaxing properties that they become sedative.

The latter is one of the most famous terpenes in cannabis and has numerous characteristics in addition to the sedative one, such as the anti-inflammatory one. According to the scientific research it can in fact be effectively used as a natural sedative.


In today’s alienating world I am more and more people suffering from depression, at any age. With the pandemic, the use of psychiatric drugs has skyrocketed, even if a growth trend had already been recorded much earlier in both the United States and Europe. The past two years have simply intensified, and certainly accelerated, the use of drugs to control anxiety, stress and depression.

The problem is that massive use ofuse of chemical antidepressants does not solve the problem. It only puts him to sleep and, moreover, it also creates a considerable addiction for which it is necessary to increase the dose taken more and more. This vicious circle does not help those who suffer from it at all, on the contrary it risks creating even more damage.

The natural substances contained within cannabis, on the other hand, have the ability to solve the root problem. Rather than just numbing the symptoms, it eliminates the cause by acting directly on the endocannabinoid system.

In fact, terpenes are also often found in antidepressant drugs, but they are expected in a low percentage. While their action, combined with that of CBD and THC, has incredible properties to say the least. There scientific research has shown that the joint action of terpenes and cannabinoids, combined in the entourage effect, improves mood, reduces anxiety, stress and depression.

Buy products that enhance terpenes

Now that you know what terpenes are, we are sure you will be looking forward to buy products rich in this natural substance from the numerous properties.

In summary, terpenes are the organic compounds that they give the scent and aroma to many plants, including cannabis. In addition to this, they are protective against the organism that hosts them and are rich in beneficial properties.

These properties are not only present in the plant but also remain in the final product, when it is created with production methods that do not alter its characteristics. In this way, all the natural substances present in cannabis combine and amplify their beneficial effects.

Scientists have shown that the properties of terpenes they are also effective on the human body, binding with the endocannabinoid system present in the nervous system. In fact, cannabis has been used as an alternative medicine for millennia, and today you can find many articles based on CBD and terpenes on the market. Visit our online shop to discover all the Crystalweed products that we have designed for you and for the care of your person.

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