Report on Vitafoods 2018 from Geneva according to Cibdol

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Vitafoods is the main meeting point for the nutraceutical sector at an international level. It has the presence of all the agents of the production chain and is the best place to connect with the different facets of the sector. New business opportunities abound: Entrepreneurs, investors, producers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, marketers and branders, scientists, brands and companies use this space to collectively move the industry forward.


This scenario offers an excellent opportunity for interaction between the different agents operating in the sector. This year the event featured pharmaceutical companies and producers of nutricosmetics, natural and herbal medicines, functional foods and beverages, nutritional supplements, as well as producers of ingredients and raw materials.

Cibdol has had official representation at the Vitafoods 2018 fair in Geneva. We had our booth set up for what we hoped would be three days of intensive networking and brainstorming.

What we did not expect was the immense interest our stand aroused. Our team (consisting of Dzenita, Angela, Jack, Sean, Mario, Jeroen) worked hard for long days to answer questions from all concerned.

Vitafoods CBD

It became clear that insights into the potential of CBD have finally reached the public sphere. It is no longer a vague concept surrounded by alarmist prejudices about cannabis and hemp.

The demand for CBD products is increasing and we have been very busy answering all the questions received.


The display of our most innovative products was highly praised – especially our range of CBD supplements for pets, called Cibapet.

And although we received many questions, surprisingly most were about the same topics.

There is a clear demand for high-quality raw materials. High-quality, CBD-rich hemp that has not been contaminated by pesticides, molds and other toxic elements is an important foundation for anyone interested in CBD products.

Nutraceutical CBD Industry

Questions abounded about the legal status of CBD. Despite the fact that CBD products are becoming more widely known and accepted, there is still a lot of misinformation on this subject and, therefore, some confusion.

We receive a significant number of private label product requests. This is normally a very positive sign of accelerating market growth.

By officially participating in Vitafoods 2018, we had the opportunity to interact face to face with both our customers and our suppliers, shortening the distance between them.

We would never have expected such a positive and meaningful reception. Therefore, at next year’s Vitafoods, we will double our presence and the size of our stand.

We want to thank the event organizers for their excellent work and smooth running. Of course, we also want to thank all our customers, suppliers, business partners and everyone we met.

We returned to our laboratories fully motivated to continue our mission of setting the highest quality standard for CBD products.

See you at Vitafoods 2019!

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