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In an ongoing effort to provide our customers with the highest quality CBD oil, and to remain a leader in CBD products, Cibdol is improving its production methods to exceed the highest contemporary standards in this industry. We have recently purchased new purification laboratory equipment that will increase the efficiency of our production process. We can now push the purity of our oil even beyond current standards of excellence.

Technology has come a long way since Cibdol began distributing this remarkable product. Today, there are more refined production methods and purification techniques, in particular, have improved markedly. Now we can make the “purest purity” and improve the consistency of all our products.


Plants can be very fickle and differ slightly from season to season. In general, our oil has a color that varies between dark and light gold, depending on how the hemp expresses its idiosyncrasies in each season. The new laboratory equipment will improve the overall consistency of both flavor and color. The resulting color will be considerably lighter than current batches.

We at Cibdol are known for being at the forefront of the CBD movement, but we’ve just raised the bar by raising our own standards. With the ability to be more precise than ever in our manufacturing process, we can now offer our customers complete transparency and peace of mind about the effectiveness of our methods. Standardized and taste tests carried out in our Swiss laboratories guarantee the potential of our products.


Terpenes are produced by the same glands that make CBD and other cannabinoids. Cannabis and hemp contain numerous terpenes that carry out functions intended to maintain the health of the plant. In addition, the unlimited combination of these volatile molecules is what gives the different substances their characteristic aroma. The delicate floral aroma and pleasant taste of our CBD oils are due to terpenes.

The entourage effect is a widely documented phenomenon. When combined with each other, the different compounds act synergistically creating a greater effect than they provide on their own. This is especially true when it comes to CBD. By including a complete terpenoid profile, we can amplify the therapeutic effect of our oils while ensuring a product with better flavor and aroma.


As we implement improvements in our labs, the color of the oils may continue to vary between a dark shade resembling honey and a golden hue resembling olive oil. This does not affect the quality of our oil at all. New equipment simply means that we can continue to supply our customers with the best quality that technology allows.

Oil produced after April 2018, or from batches C26, A40 and B08, will be lighter. These oils have been produced with the new laboratory infrastructure, but there is no reason to be alarmed. The old product is still of the best quality and can be consumed with the same confidence as always.

Cibdol will continue to use the best organic hemp grown in Europe as raw material in its refining process. Only those raw materials that pass our strict controls are used. The purification process removes chlorophyll, heavy metals, contaminants, and vegetable fats from the raw pasta, resulting in a completely unadulterated final product. The CO₂ extraction process guarantees full decarboxylation and optimal levels of the purest CBD.

Our customers only source the purest CBD oil available. With our latest cutting-edge enhancements, we’re going to further push the boundaries of what can be done with CBD products. The future of CBD oil is at Cibdol.

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