Karlien Sleper’s trajectory for the Winter Olympics

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Karlien Sleper is training for the most important competition of his life: the highly anticipated 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. He reads on to learn about Sleper’s journey to monobob stardom, and the challenges that lie ahead.

Presentation in China

With the Winter Olympics just around the corner, Karlien Sleper is more excited than ever. She will not only have to be in the best physical shape of her entire life, but she will also have to prepare mentally. After all, it is not just another competition. Next year she will face the world’s best monobob athletes in China.

Luckily, you’ve already done some reconnaissance of the track on a recent trip to visit the facilities, the circuit and the Olympic Village. “The track that China has built looks great,” explains Sleper. “And its meaning is also very special, because it has the shape of a dragon, which is a symbol of good luck, prosperity, power and nobility.”

With a rooftop where spectators can walk the length of the track, and enjoy wonderful views of the Yanqing district, it’s hard to imagine the pressure athletes will be under. But when the day comes, all eyes will be on the athletes who will compete for the best prize: the podium. After reconnoitering the circuit, Karlien is optimistic:

“It’s quite a long course and easy to learn. It’s not hard to lay down all four irons, and with a top speed of 116 km/h, it’s not super dangerous either.”

Qualification for the 2022 Winter Olympics

Despite having run the track, Karlien has yet to qualify for the Winter Olympics. But she’s not worried, as she knows exactly what she has to do to secure her position. “I’m in better shape than ever, and even with the jet lag, I’m still breaking my personal records. The key, obviously, is to practice as much as possible.”

Competitions and training

With that goal in mind, Sleper will participate in various competitions, even if they are not part of the NOC*NSF (Netherlands Olympic Committee * Dutch Sports Federation) requirements. “Participating in as many events as I can will put me in a better position than athletes who only train for the World Cup.”

Karlien’s competitive schedule for the remainder of 2021 is packed with action on his way to the World Cup qualifying events, including the following races:

• November 29 – December 5, 2021 (Winterberg European Cup)
• December 6-12, 2021 (World Cup in Winterberg)
• January 3-9, 2022 (World Cup in Winterberg)
• January 10-16, 2022 (World Cup + European Championship in St. Moritz)

After a short break for Christmas, Sleper will resume the monobob to participate in his last races. And if all goes well, he will return to Beijing for the big event:

• February 2-14, 2022 (Beijing Winter Olympics)

Chasing your dreams with Cibdol

Karlien is in his sporting prime, and with his sights set on Olympic success, we have no doubt that he will give it his all. As a Cibdol ambassador, we are very proud of her accomplishments thus far, and we know she will get the ranking she needs to make her monobob dreams come true. For now, all we can do is wish him good luck; We’ll cheer you on every step of the way!

Want to keep up with Karlien’s Olympic trajectory? Follow her on Instagram, on his personal blog, and for the latest Cibdol news.

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