Karlien Sleper is ready for the Winter Olympics

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The Winter Olympics are just around the corner, the moment Karlien has been waiting for so long: a head-to-head battle with the best monobob athletes in the world. Although he never doubted for a second that he would get to this point, it hasn’t been an easy road. Read on to find out how Karlien is preparing for the biggest moment of his sports career.

The qualifiers

Several weeks ago, Karlien had an event that would change his life: qualifying for the Winter Olympics and securing his ticket to China. It’s a moment that will stay with her for life, as she had to qualify in the top twelve for the day and in the top six of all women not to qualify in the two-handed bobsleigh.

To secure the position, Karlien did exactly what was needed; she get the twelfth place in the last competition of the Women’s Monobob World Cup. The test of Sankt Moritz in Switzerland, also scored for the European Championship and the 29-year-old athlete finished sixth.

However, after his race, Karlien had to wait for the results of the two-man bobsleigh trial to officially confirm his classification. The only problem was that the race was held a day later, which prolonged the nerves of the wait. Although it was highly probable that his ticket to the Olympic Games was secured, it was a very tense 24 hours.

Dreams come true

Finally, with the results of the double bobsleigh confirmed, Karlien’s dream came true: he had officially qualified for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing! However, like all the great promises of the sport, Karlien never hesitated to compete in Beijing: “during the World Cup races I was very close to winning the position, without giving an inch. Finally, it is time that I fully concentrate on the trip to China.”

Last preparations

Now that Karlien’s mind is fully focused on the task at hand, he explains how he received the official kit before qualifying: “actually I had already received all my TeamNL clothes before qualifying, but now that I finally have the ticket secured, I can put all my efforts into the final preparations”.

Most of the Dutch athletes are already together, living in a bubble near the Beijing training facilities to limit contact with other people. However, Karlien will begin his preparations from her house in the country.

Then, on January 26, he will travel to China with the rest of TeamNL. When they are at the training facility, February 2 and 3 will be the last days to practice before the opening on the 4th. Sleper’s competition days are February 13 and 14, with the first race taking place at 2 :30 a.m. (GMT+1).

We wish you all the luck for the Winter Olympics!

Now that qualifying is complete, the ticket is booked, and the flight to Beijing is imminent, we only have one thing left to say:

We are incredibly proud of Karlien as an ambassador for Cibdol, on and off the court. We wish her the best in her Olympic debut, and we have no doubt that she will work her ass off to achieve the best possible result at the 2022 Winter Olympics!

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