Is it true that CBD helps you sleep?

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There are many people who suffer from irregular sleep or insomnia, ailments that have experienced a recent surge during the various lockdowns following the health crisis of the last year. Not sleeping is deleterious and, in looking for a solution, you will have happened to read that CBD helps sleep.

After a stressful day of work and problems to deal with, what you just want is to feel a soft mattress under you and sleep until the alarm sounds. But that’s not often the case, and the tension produced by a hard day haunts you even at night.

Insomnia is an already well-known disorder and there are many solutions proposed by pharmaceutical companies to combat it. However, the products that are often sold to you as the solution to problems do that to sleep the consequences without eliminating the causesperhaps giving rise to other secondary complications.

There are therefore many who would like to be able to sleep better without resorting to addictive and addictive chemicals, opting instead for a natural product.

The use of CBD spread like wildfire after Italian legislation allowed the use of cannabis light, within the limits of the law. The active ingredient called cannabidiol contained within the cannabis plant is natural and has amazing beneficial properties on the sleep cycle. Let’s find out together how the CBD helps you sleep soundly.

Why is it hard to sleep?

Sleep disorders, and their most severe form known as “insomnia”, involveinability to sleep even when the body feels tired. Lack of sleep very often translates into tiredness and irritability which then last for the whole next day.

What Do Sleep Disorders Cause? From many causes. It is a response of the organism to an unregulated diet, reduced physical activity, other diseases in progress in the body, the use of drugs, fear, precarious family situation, difficult or missing interpersonal relationships, worries about work , stress or tension in general.

According to Google searches published on the Journal of Clinic Sleep Medicineduring the lockdown experienced in early 2020, the search engine counted 2.77 million insomnia researches. Google has registered a 58% increase compared to the previous year. This means that people, due to the difficult historical period they are facing, are suffering more and more from even serious sleep disorders.

Without suffering from perennial insomnia, you could still have many nights of irregular and troubled sleep. It could be due to thoughts that have haunted you during the day, from a too heavy dinner, from theine or caffeine and even from technology.

Does it seem harmless to you to consult your smartphone before sleeping? It is not. The strong and cold light before falling asleep alters the tranquility of sleep, even if it seems to you the most innocent action in the world. As well as the electromagnetic waves from Wi-Fi affect the sleep / wake state. Even if you do not perceive them, over the years they work on your body in a harmful way by altering the tranquility of sleep.

The close relationship between CBD and sleep

Now the most important question arises: how the CBD affects sleep adjusting it? How can a plant achieve results that even chemistry cannot guarantee?

The CBD is the main cannabidiol contained within the hemp inflorescences. Unlike the bad brother, the THCdoes not induce a psychoactive effect and is therefore not responsible for the classic “high” effect.

The way it affects the sleep cycle is simple. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid systema system contained within the human body that regulates physiological processes such as mood, appetite, memory, fertility and even sleep.

Basically, if many chemicals work as sedatives, eliminating the consequences but not the causes, the properties of CBD can rebalance the sleep cycle upstream as it should be in nature.

That’s the good news, CBD can improve sleep quality allowing you to fall asleep in a shorter time, increasing the depth of sleep and reducing the factors that could alter it.

The role played by CBD

CBD is sold in a variety of forms today. There areCBD oilthe CBD herbal teas and even the CBD creams. The active ingredient contained in these products makes them all potentially capable of rebalancing the sleep cycle.

It is well known that sleep is represented by a cycle in which different phases alternate. The initial phase, where sleep is gentler, is called REM phase. Rapid Eye Movement literally means “rapid eye movement”, it is the phase in which the body lets go as the brain moves. It is in fact the phase in which dreams take place.

CBD helps sleep because it acts on the REM phase, quickly bringing the body into NREM phasethat is characterized by a deeper sleep where the brain waves are slower and broad spectrum.

THC, the active ingredient that produces psychoactive effects, has been proven to cause some people to fall asleep faster, even if sleep is shorter. The properties of CBD, on the other hand, in addition to reducing the time in which the body falls asleep, it also prolongs the phase of deep sleep.

A research conducted in 2019 proved that CBD is capable of reduce anxiety by improving sleep. Those involved were given 25mg of CBD and 79.2% of those affected were less anxious, while 66.7% said they slept better.

The winning combination of CBD and melatonin

When we talk about natural remedies that can cure sleep disorders, we often think of melatonin. It is a natural hormone produced by the pineal gland that regulates the sleep / wake cycle, also known as the circadian rhythm.

The body’s release of melatonin is not constant throughout the day and is often not enough to allow for a good night’s sleep. This is why many doctors recommend take it as a supplement.

There Research has shown that melatonin reduces the risk of waking up during the first phase of sleep, prolonging the benefit for many hours.

CBD helps sleep by itself however, when combined with melatonin, it enhances its properties. CBD and melatonin they reduce anxiety and stress, relax the mind, relieve any pain conditions, reduce gastroesophageal reflux, induce faster sleep and prolong it for up to 7 hours.

How much CBD does it take to sleep better?

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After understanding the various and profound properties of the active ingredient, you may be wondering how much CBD is needed for sleep. The answer is: depends.

We know, it’s probably not what you wanted to hear. However, CBD is not a product to be handled lightly. The right amount to sleep well it depends on many factors:

  • body weight;
  • chemical composition of the organism;
  • presence or absence of diseases;
  • taking other medications;
  • severity of the sleep disorder being treated;
  • concentration of CBD in the specific product chosen.

This means that the amount of CBD in dropsfor example, if it is right for one individual it could be totally wrong for another, precisely because no one is alike.

There are several Education which attest to the fact that there is no universal dosage for everyoneranging from 20 mg up to 1,500 mg which can be well tolerated by a healthy body.

Also, it is very important to remember that the doses must be spread over the day, starting with a smaller amount and then gradually increasing over the weeks. For example, a person starting with 20 mg may go up to 25 mg the following week, 30 mg the next, and so on until they feel a benefit.

Although science gives indicative references, it is always necessary consult your doctor to consider the most suitable dosage for your case. Although CBD is a natural active ingredient, this does not mean that it cannot produce side effects if it conflicts with drugs taken to treat other diseases. When it comes to health, your doctor’s advice is key.


Sleeping badly or suffering from insomnia is a widespread but also important ailment should not be treated lightly.

Among the many properties of one of the most discussed and sought after products of the moment, we can now say with certainty that CBD helps you sleep better. Which can give even more results when combined with a change of behaviorsuch as a lighter diet or an hour of physical activity per day.

CBD seems to have no particular contraindications, however it is always good consult a doctor to know how to best treat the disorder, without running the risk of sleeping what needs to be treated.

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