Is it possible to smoke CBD in Italy?

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The use of cannabis light for therapeutic use in the form of oils, creams and herbal teas is now taken for granted. However, there is still a big question to which many look at with curiosity but without knowing the correct answer: is it possible to smoke CBD in Italy?

For many years the use of cannabis light has become legal in our country, but many are still wondering if it is legal to smoke weed in Italy. On closer inspection, there are many more who think it is still illegal than those who inquire about real benefits of this product.

That is why it is necessary to clarify what the CBD law in Italy and within what limits it is possible to smoke the products containing it. Knowing the legislation is very important because it includes parameters that must be respected by the product in order to be considered legal.

The two reference components to always keep in mind are the CBD (cannabidiol) and the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Their percentage within cannabis makes it legal, allowed to use, or illegal.

Many are wondering if it is possible to smoke CBD in Italy both in relation to what the law says and according to the effects it produces on the human body.

We would like to emphasize a very important concept: smoking CBD within the limits established by law it is not harmful. On the contrary, it is of great benefit to the mind and body.

Here are what the limits within which it is possible to smoke CBD in our country.

Is it possible to smoke CBD in Italy?

Already from the premise you will have understood that the answer to the initial question is Yes, it is possible to smoke CBD in Italyeven if the law is not entirely clear in this regard.

In fact, to be able to do it it is good to be attentive to limits established by law.

CBD-based products, such as inflorescences and oils, are consumed in much of the world and have come to establish themselves even in Italy as solutions to various diseases modern society suffers from such as anxiety, psychosis, stress, memory lapses and much more.

In Italy the use of CBD is allowed when it is made within certain canons designed to protect the body from the harm that illegal marijuana could cause. The level of THC allowed by law is very low, because it is this component that gives the psychoactive effect. Illegal marijuana has high amounts of THC and produces hallucinogenic effects, which is not the case with legal CBD.

Plus, CBD doesn’t even provide the negative effects of smoking regular cigarettes, because there is neither tobacco nor nicotine. It is a natural remedy for ailments that otherwise would have to be treated with chemicals.

What the Italian law says about the act of smoking CBD

The first Italian law to have legalized the use of cannabis light in Italy was the Law 242 of 2016which established the legal THC limit in Italy.

The so-called legal weed is the one that has a concentration of THC up to a very specific limit that we will see shortly. If the product exceeds this value, it has an amazing effect and therefore prohibited. Otherwise, the effects of CBD are analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant. When it is taken it does not bring about any mental change.

Law no. 242, like several judgments of the Court of Cassation that followed it, threw numerous doubts and uncertainties on the subject.

In 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture specifying that even the inflorescences with a THC below the legal limit could have entered the market.

Finally two ministerial decreesone in 2018 and one in 2019, intervened to eliminate the limitations of the use of light cannabis for therapeutic and food purposes.

In summary, despite the uncertainties created by legislation and judgments, to date it is possible to sell and buy products with CBD within the limits mentioned above.

Although the topic is still particularly discussed, both the legislator and the Court of Cassation are trying to eliminate stigma that has always accompanied the cannabis sector.

What are the quantities that must be respected

Let’s see some numbers. According to the law. 242 of 2016, the THC present in cannabis must not exceed 0.5% limit to be considered legal. However, the products that are sold cannot have a concentration higher than 0.2%. If they do not fall within these parameters, they must be considered harmful and therefore also illegal.

Different speech concerns instead the light cannabis products used for therapeutic purposes, which has been regulated in Italy since 2006. Cannabis for medical use is a very particular product used for the treatment of serious and chronic diseases. These products are distributed by pharmacies and are divided into two groups.

A band is called Cannabis FM-1 and provides a THC between 13.0% and 20.0%, with a CBD of less than 1%.

The second band is called Cannabis FM-2which has a THC concentration between 5.0% and 8.0%, while CBD varies between 7.5% and 12.0%.

Generally, the growers have to stay below the 0.2% threshold for their products, with a tolerance of up to 0.6% as established by the relevant law.

You can now consume CBD products

Cannabidi CBD products

It is possible to legally buy all the products that respect the legal limits just seen and there are so many. These are products they procure beneficial and non-psychoactive effects. That said, you just have to choose the type that best suits your needs.

A high concentration of CBD is present in theCBD oil100% natural and which contains all the cannabinoids present in the plant, as well as in the inflorescences.

CBD products do not end there because they are also particularly popular cosmetics and the herbal teas. In short, the world of light cannabis is able to satisfy any need.

All our products they come from selected organic crops within varieties authorized by law and certified. Thanks to our experience in the agricultural sector, we are able to choose the raw materials to guarantee high quality products able to give a unique sensory experience to those who use them.


Theoretically it is possible to smoke CBD in Italy, although the law is not entirely clear on this subject. Obviously it does not prohibit the sale and purchase, so there is nothing left to do but choose the right product for you.

Our country has done several progress in legalizing cannabis and its use within the due limits is permitted without running any risk. In a particularly stressful historical moment like the one we are in, CBD products are perfect for warding off tension and depression.

Now that you know not to take dangerous but beneficial substances, we suggest you visit our shop and discover all Cannabidi-based CBD products.

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