Is it possible to buy legal weed online in Italy?

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Buy legal weed online it seems to be a new trend that continues to rise. And so, after Italian law legalized its cultivation and sale, thousands of shops have sprung up, especially online.

Hemp is a world that has given rise to numerous discussionshowever, the trend both internationally and nationally is changing positively.

The law is clear. In Italy, legal weed has that only purpose collectible and thetechnical use. This is the scenario in which more and more grow shops and stores have arisen, both physical and on the web

We are talking about real e-commerce where you can buy legal weed online in different forms, from hemp buds to CBD herbal teasfromCBD oil at creams.

The legal weed variety sold in online stores has ahigh concentration of cannabidiolbetter known by its acronym CBDit’s a low THC percentage (tetrahydrocannabinol). This last component is in fact the one most fought by all the governments of the world, as it is responsible for the psychoactive effect that gives the sensation of “high” induced by marijuana.

The fact that they were born lots of new stores where you can buy legal weed online should sound a wake-up call about the trustworthiness of vendors and their products, a crucial factor in this industry.

Cannabidi is a company with an agricultural tradition behind it that guarantees the final customer the best legal weed in Italy. Not only that, given that we strongly believe in the potential of the active ingredient of legal cannabis and are motivated by a true passion for the land and its products, we keep the prices extremely competitive. Now let’s find out everything you need to know if you want to buy legal weed online.

The answer is yes! We are talking about legal weed precisely because its purchase is not linked to the sellers hiding in the dark corners of the streets but it is possible in the sunlight, from the comfort of the sofa at home. Let’s retrace the legal steps through which the Italian law has come to legalize the sale and, consequently, the purchase.

First of all, it is good to point out that buying legal weed online it is not synonymous with buying crazy drugs. The products that are on the market are safe and permitted by law for recreational purposes and for collecting.

The cultivation of hemp and light cannabis for industrial use was sanctioned by the famous law n. 242 of 2016 titled “Provisions for the promotion of hemp cultivation and agro-industrial chain“, Which entered into force in January 2017.

The standard mentions in particular the so-called “cannabis light“, Particular type of Cannabis sativai.e. the type of hemp in which the THC (the psychoactive active ingredient) is less than 0.5%. The limit was introduced by art. 4 of the aforementioned standard and is the main limitation referred to hemp.

If the THC percentage is higher it can cause euphoric states and psychedelic sensations. Otherwise, a smaller amount has relaxing propertiespain relievers, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic.

On the issue of cannabis light the Court of Cassation: the purchaser is the user of a lawful product and the consumption of a product that derives from a lawful production and sales chain, in compliance with the limits set by law, cannot constitute an illegal act.

In summary, it is allowed to buy legal weed online in compliance with the parameters established by the legislator and jurisprudence. It is therefore the duty of the seller indicate the percentage of components on the package so that the end customer is aware of it.

All fans hope that the world is looking positively at legal cannabishowever the huge market that has exploded forces you to be cautious.

You can easily buy legal weed online if it meets all the legal criteria, but the huge earning potential has prompted more or less serious sellers to step forward. As in any area of ​​commerce, it is possible to meet online shops that do not comply with the laws. If you were to stumble upon such a seller you would risk buying an illegal product which would cause you numerous annoyances.

The fact of being online gives you a guarantee more compared to physical sellers because what happens online is under the watchful eye of the authorities. However, it is always good to be cautious as the internet also has its pitfalls.

That’s why we recommend that you buy legal weed only from authorized stores and with numerous positive reviews from users. This is in fact a favorable aspect of buying online, that is, being able to read the testimonials of other customers who have already bought the products of the company you are interested in.

If you choose to buy cannabis light in our store you will find yourself in front of one wide choice of CBD products perfectly legal and safe for you. Every single product derives from high quality raw materials and is designed to guarantee the maximum sensory experience to the customer. In addition, we at Cannabidi offer you the free shipping of legal weed starting from 59 euros.

In our shop you can buy, specifically, inflorescences with very different fragrances, herbal teas with natural properties designed to obtain different beneficial effects, CBD oil with different concentrations of active ingredient and finally creams with CBD for superior body care.

A common belief is that cannabis makes users high. It is true if we are talking about marijuana with high THC levels, but you can’t get high on legal weed.

We have immediately distinct CBD from THC because, even if both are found in the plant, the former can be extracted from hemp while keeping the THC low. In the case of CBD crystals, for example, it is possible to buy a product totally free of THC.

However, even knowing this distinction many people think that CBD possesses psychoactive properties. In reality, the effects of legal cannabis are totally different. We talk about relaxing properties and not intoxicating.

Due to its chemical composition the CBD can potentially reduce anxietytreat depression, relieve pain, relieve neurodegenerative disorders, fight acne, ease the uncomfortable consequences of chemotherapy and treat cancer.

This happens because cannabidiol acts on the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, biological system present in the human body, on which various functions such as sleep, mood and appetite depend. CBD, a chemical similar to that produced by the brain itself, has a composition capable of rebalancing the system. To say this were the numerous scientific studies both on animals and humans.

In any case, a THC amount of less than 0.5% as required by law it is not enough to create psychoactive effects.

A Research he even noted that high concentrations of cannabidiol counteracted the psychosis resulting from THC in marijuana smokers, who did not report impaired memory.

All this proves that CBD does not alter the mental faculties and that, indeed, its properties are such as to counteract the high induced by THC.

buy Cannabidi legal weed online

Cannabis sativa inflorescences are also used in medical field. If we have said that the concentration of THC present in light cannabis found on common online shops must be less than 0.5%, for medical cannabis the question changes.

There law n. 94 of 1998called “Di Bella Law” allowed doctors to prescribe galenic preparations (created by the pharmacist) based on Cannabis if the doctor himself believed that the use was known and compliant with works published in internationally accredited scientific publications.

Since 2006 the Italian state has allowed you to have doctors of prescribe cannabis in the medical and therapeutic fields and since 2013 even neurologists have been able to prescribe a medicinal product with cannabis extracts to treat pain and spasms resulting from multiple sclerosis. However, despite being legal weed we are talking about a product with a THC concentration of up to 20%.

If cannabis light can be purchased by anyone over the age of 18 in physical outlets or on the web, the medical cannabis could be bought at the pharmacy and only if in possession of one medical prescription which guarantees the purchase.

There are two varieties of therapeutic cannabis currently envisaged, which must be grown in compliance with the strict rules imposed by the Good Manufacturing Practice and from Good Agricultural and Collecting Practice that guarantee its safety and efficacy:

  • Cannabis FM2: the first type of medical cannabis used in the medical field, has a CBD concentration ranging from 7.5% to 12% and a THC percentage between 5% and 8%;
  • Cannabis FM1: more recently introduced, it has a CBD level of less than 1% but a THC percentage ranging from 13% to 20% (designed to replace the Dutch variant which reaches up to 22%).

So far it has become clear that it is absolutely possible and permitted in our state to buy legal weed online and that there are many shops where the product offer is varied. However, how can you be sure of buy high quality cannabis?

You have to be very careful when buying. A first search will make you land on a specific category or product. You have to read the features immediately and the percentage of THC present.

The second step is generally that of consult the reviews on the product itself left by customers who have already seen the quality. If the reviews are positive, you know you’re on the right track.

Last but not leastwe recommend that you read the company information present on the site. You will thus be aware of the cultivation methods and techniques used, as well as the seniority on the market.

Cannabidi has a strong agricultural tradition behind. The people who are part of it have always cultivated the land, an element for which they have a deep passion. Starting from a more traditional context, the focus has gradually shifted to alternative cultures such as that of legal cannabis.

Our products are obtained through state-of-the-art organic cannabis light crops which fall within the varieties certified and authorized by the European Union. This allows the plants to grow healthy and flawless. The CBD is subsequently extracted from the inflorescences of legal cannabis with non-invasive methods and without chemical compounds that alter the quality of the active ingredient.

Buy legal weed online with complete peace of mind by choosing one or more of the products featured in the our storefor which we remind you of free shipping starting from a purchase of 59 euros.

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