Interview with Alessio di Chirico: “CBD helps me recover and sleep better”

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The protagonist of this interview is Alessio di Chiricotoday champion of MMAthe third Italian fighter to fight for the US UFC federation after Alessio Sakara and Ivan Serati.

But where did this boy come from?

Born in Rome in the Magliana district in 1989, his passion for sport began playing American football for the Grizzlies, a team from his city. But his combative and restless temperament leads him to a disqualification due to a fight on the pitch. Maybe a coincidence or maybe it was the fate of the beef, nickname given to him by a football colleaguebut from that moment on, the idea of ​​starting to fight becomes concrete.

Enter the Hung Mun Studio gym in Romeconsidered one of the main cities of the capital.

Training and discipline become his watchwords. He attends the University of Rome where he studies sports science and, in the meantime, obtains his first titles with the Italian FIGMMA national team. This is how he begins his career as a professional, whose debut takes place in December 2011.

He is soon noticed by Joe Silva, former UFC match organizer, who decides to bring him to the US federation. He trains for years in the American Top Team and fights several matches, but in 2017 he decides to return to Italy and to found the Gloria – Fight Center.

After all, his heart is Capitoline and he supports the importance of training in his homeland where his loved ones are also there.

Now let’s find out even more about Alessio who tells us about his discipline, the matches in the UFC and what his secret is to keep fit.

Question 1: Hi Alessio, how are you? How long have you been practicing mixed martial arts?

Hi, all right thanks, it’s a pleasure to participate in this interview.

My journey as an MMA fighter it started a long time ago now and has lasted for 15 years. I always like to remember that it was my friend Giovanni Pinelli who advised me to take this path. So I started practicing the MMA discipline while still playing as a linebacker in the Grizzlies Roma. I carried both things forward at the same time, then there passion for fighting it intensified and so I decided to just dedicate myself to that.

Also because the workouts became more and more demanding and required targeted and complete preparation.

Question 2: How exhausting is it to prepare for a match in the UFC?

I have to admit that the preparation is very hard, both physically and mentally. In fact, you have to be able to always stay focused on the goal to do everything that is necessary to get to the meetings in the best possible condition.

If an athlete does not have a head, physical preparation is not enough. The highest results are obtained with commitment, effort but also extreme concentration.

My weeks and days are set very rigidly. From the moment I wake up everything I do is to maintain the best physical and mental condition. So, in the morning I start with some breathing exercises that help me balance my cardiovascular system and, after breakfast, I go to the gym to train.

I do targeted workouts six days a weekoften even twice a day, and on Sundays I rest. As I said, apart from the response of the physicist, it is essential to have the support of the mind. Only in this way are you able to carry these rhythms forward over time, always giving your best. Obviously, the passion for what you do is also essential and I have a lot of that.

Although now that I am a father I have to say that a large part of my passion also goes to my children.

Question 3: And above all… how exhausting is it to have a match in the UFC?

The professional meetings fought with the Unified Rules of MMA last for 3 rounds of 5 minutes with 1 minute break between rounds. A match for the title it takes place over 5 rounds of 5 minutes each and with a break.

This is to say that you have to give everything in a short time. I’m shots of adrenaline in which you can not lose even for a moment the focus and concentration from the opponent and from the fight itself. You really risk getting very hurt.

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