How to use CBD oil?

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How to use CBD oil?


CBD is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Its consumption is now legal in France and in many other countries in the world and it is available in different products in shops: oil, e-liquidflower, capsule, capsules, weed cbdcosmetic products, resin

With regard to CBD oil in particular, it is effective for relaxation and to relieve certain ailments and it can be consumed sublingually or applied directly to the skin. Here’s how to use CBD oil!

Choosing the right CBD oil

In order to use CBD oil, you must first obtain it. As we speak, this kind of product is available in CBD stores in Paris (Origine cbd) and also in online stores ( It is offered by different brands, so you have to know how to make the right choice.

Often, low-quality CBD oils have a lower level of CBD than advertised on their label. Otherwise, they may also contain undesirable traces of THC, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria or pathogenic fungi.

If possible, you should opt for a cheap but good quality cbd, already tested in the laboratory and guaranteeing better quality as well as absolute safety. Consult our Oils and capsules categories.

Learn how to dose CBD oil

Normally thecbd oil comes with a handy dropper built into the bottle cap. This makes it easy to adjust the daily CBD intake. A drop of 5% oil, for example, contains approximately 2.5 mg of CBD and a drop of 10% oil contains approximately 5 mg of CBD. In a drop of 20% oil, there are approximately 10 mg of CBD and in a drop of 24% oil, there are 12 mg of CBD.

In one CBD shop in Paris, it is possible to find oils with different concentrations in order to meet the expectations of all consumers. In fact, it should be noted that the choice of CBD oil dosage depends on certain factors including: the health condition of the consumer, the severity of their symptoms and their body weight.

Consuming CBD Oil Sublingually

As mentioned above, the oil of cannabidiol is consumed by keeping it for about 90 seconds under the tongue before swallowing it. Thus, it would be assimilated largely by the sublingual route and it would be more effective.

In general, CBD oil works for 6 to 8 hours, which is why it is advisable to consume it 3 times a day, i.e. morning, noon and evening, to benefit from better effects. Otherwise, there is no harm either in adapting the rhythm according to the needs or preferences of the consumer or even according to the results obtained.

Take note of some user tips

Other tips and advice are also worth mentioning for using CBD oil correctly. First, it must be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light, until about 6 months after opening.

Two, start with a daily dosage for low CBD needs, then increase it gradually, taking as the maximum limit the dosage that corresponds to the consumer’s body weight in the dosage tables.

What about the external use of CBD oil?

CBD oil is also very effective externally. It is for this reason that it has long been used in dermatology and cosmetology.


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