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In Italy, CBD-based products were legalized, within certain limits, in 2016 by law 242. Since that time, the light cannabis market has experienced a significant expansion and this has led to birth of countless shopsboth physical and online.

The sudden growth of the market has allowed many farmers, aware of the various properties of the active ingredients contained within the hemp plant, to devote themselves with professionalism and dedication to an activity they believe in.

Professional farmers who work in the field of cannabis light, also called legal marijuanagrow plants in a adequate ground and with biological methods which guarantee the quality and safety of the product. This results in not using chemicals, pesticides, solvents and any other harmful industrial substance.

On the other hand, however, the growth of the market has also meant the birth of sellers of dubious reputation.

This is why it has never been more important than today being able to recognize low-quality CBD products.

In fact, if high-quality CBD products possess all the beneficial properties CBD (cannabidiol) such as, for example, the pain reliever or anti-inflammatory, low quality products do not.

In general, it seems that these products do not possess no beneficial or curative effect. Indeed, they could even be harmful to the human body if grown with methods and conditions that are not up to standard.

We deduce from this that low-quality CBD products, perhaps from China, they put unsuspecting consumers at risk.

For millennia, cannabis light has been a powerful ally against numerous ailments and diseases and many people, today in search of alternative and biological remedies, they are interested in this world. This means that it is very important to know how to recognize low quality CBD products before making a purchase.

Low quality CBD Vs high quality CBD

Given the vast amount of CBD products that you can find on the market is difficult to recognize those of good quality from the poor ones, especially if you are new to the industry.

To help you purchase the best legal weedhere are some characteristics you can observe to recognize low-quality CBD products from deserving ones:

  • Appearance: much easier to check when shopping in physical stores (rather than on online shops where the photos may not be those of the product actually sold) the high quality inflorescences are compact, neither too wet nor too dry, with a large quantity of resin which is one of the characteristics of the hemp inflorescences; otherwise, low-quality CBD inflorescences have too large or otherwise chopped leaves and may not have resin at all;
  • Aroma: a peculiarity of hemp inflorescences is that they all have very accentuated and peculiar aromas, which allow them to be distinguished from each other at first contact and which guarantee the quality of the product; on the contrary, a low-quality inflorescence gives off little or no odor and this must be an alarm bell;
  • Spectrum: so-called “full spectrum” or full spectrum products, such as CBD oil, contain not only CBD but also all the other substances present in the plant (minerals, vitamins, proteins, fibers, terpenes, essential fats, flavonoids and other cannabinoids), this amplifies the beneficial properties of the active ingredient and is synonymous with a higher quality product; lately, however, isolated spectrum products are becoming more and more widespread, i.e. those where only CBD is contained, which cost less but also have less properties.

Other signs of a poor quality CBD product

So far we have talked about how to recognize low-quality CBD products based on the most common aspects that a consumer can check when shopping. But now let’s dig deeper and find out which ones are other areas you should be informed about before buying a new product:

  • Producer: the history of the manufacturing company is an extremely important factor to consider, especially if you are making an online purchase and cannot control the appearance and aroma, so we recommend that you read the history of the company on the official website and understand if it has experience in the field agriculture or not and for how long; if the site lacks transparency and you can’t get any useful information, be very careful with the purchase and maybe ask the company the question with an e-mail;
  • Cultivation method: as we mentioned at the beginning, light cannabis-based products should be natural remedies and for this reason they must be grown with natural and organic methods, in fact what companies that produce high quality products do is use non-invasive methods for the soil and for plants; on the contrary, companies that do not take care of the quality of the product use pesticides and herbicides which from the soil and the plant can be transmitted to the final product and leave residues that cause harmful side effects;
  • Extraction method: not only the cultivation method must be organic but also the extraction method should be minimally invasive for plants such as, for example, the extraction with supercritical CO2 that does not alter the properties of the various substances contained within the hemp plant; otherwise, companies that want to extract CBD at a lower cost use chemical solvents that can affect its quality.

How to recognize low quality CBD oil

In addition to the inflorescences we talked about before, another widely purchased product is theCBD oil.

You want to buy CBD oil online and don’t know how check the quality not being able to see or smell it? No problem, there are other checks that you can do from the comfort of your home.

First of all, never forget the advice we gave you a little while ago aboutmanufacturing company. This means looking for a page on the official website where the history and production method are written.

After doing this, we recommend that you look for another very important section that companies should make public but that consumers are not always aware of. We are talking about the page with product analysis.

Product analysis is a series of tests carried out by external laboratories to the manufacturing company with the aim of certifying the quality of a product in an objective way. We are therefore talking about particularly reliable certificates precisely because they are produced by third parties who have no economic interest in the result.

Through the certificates with the product analysis you can know the percentage of CBD and THC (which must be less than 0.5% to be legal), but also the presence of pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, microbes and mycotoxins. In the dedicated article on our blog you can understand how to read a CBD certificate of analysis.

Moving on, to recognize low-quality CBD products you can read the reviews left by customers who bought the same product before you and that you can find on the site itself or on social media. It is a good habit that you should remember every time you buy something online, even more so if a poor quality product can be toxic.

What is the cost of high quality CBD products

One of the main attractions for consumers is always the price. Nobody likes to spend a lot, especially in a world where life is getting more and more expensive. Therefore, each of us is led to spend as little as possible. This reasoning, however, hides a pitfall.

When it comes to CBD products, it should set you off a wake-up call. Too low a price is often synonymous with poor quality. At the moment you may have the impression of saving money but in the long run you would realize that it would be a waste of money because you would not see effects or even experience side effects.

Does this mean that you have to spend a lot of money on a CBD product? Absolutely not, if you know recognize low-quality CBD products from high quality ones.

Of the latter there are also a particularly competitive prices so as not to weigh excessively on your wallet while still guaranteeing you a quality product. This is exactly what happens with Cannabidi signature products.

We at Cannabidi we take care of all the processes of the supply chain, from cultivation to packaging, and this for the final consumer means being able to buy high quality products at production prices.

The inflorescences of hemp they cost an average of € 4 per gram, the “full spectrum” oil varies from around € 20 up to less than € 80 based on the percentage of CBD contained, herbal teas can be found for less than € 10 per pack while creams vary from about € 10 up to € 20. As you see, we have designed products for all budgets.

Furthermore, Cannabidi has an agricultural tradition behind it of people who have always worked the land and cultivated it with commitment and passion. The products come from organic crops where no pesticides or other carcinogenic products are used to guarantee the highest quality of a product we strongly believe in.

Visit the online shop now to discover all Cannabidi-based CBD products.

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