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Have you seen a CBD Certificate of Analysis but don’t know how to read it?

When each customer buys a product, whether it is a foodstuff or an air freshener, he has an interest in checking the substances contained within it. It is therefore very important for consumers know the components of a particular product before buying it.

The same concern is also required in the field of cannabis.

There law n. 242/2016 regulates the cultivation and sale of legal cannabis in Italy and the opening of that market has led many sellers to come forward, trading their products physically or online.

Since this is such a delicate area, not only from a health point of view but also from a legal one, it is very important that each customer knows exactly what is contained within the products they are buying. This is possible with the CBD certificate of analysis.

It is true that the products should have their own label, but this does not provide all the information necessary to make an informed purchase and sometimes it even happens that the data on the labels is incorrect.

Therefore, the CBD certificate of analysis, also called COA, assumes enormous importance. This is the document that contains the results of a test carried out by an external cannabis laboratory that tells us what it is made of.

Being a scientific document it might seem quite difficult to understand, that’s why we want to give you all the information needed to read the certificates regarding Cannabidi products that you can find on our site.

What is the CBD Certificate of Analysis

The CBD Certificate of Analysis is so important because it is not made directly by the company that sells the final products, and therefore would have an interest in the final results. On the contrary, it comes conducted by an external laboratory which guarantees objectivity and impartiality to the data.

In the laboratory they are carried out special test to investigate the purity of the product, the levels of active ingredients (which must be within legal limits) and the absence of harmful substances such as, for example, heavy metals and pesticides. In fact, some substances, even if they have been used in the cultivation phase, can leave residues in the final product and thus make it dangerous for health.

It is therefore easy to understand why the CBD Certificate of Analysis is essential. It is the only true document that provides the consumer with a clear idea of ​​the quality of cannabis.

Our advice is always to rely on companies that publish certificates of analysis. This way you will be absolutely sure of what you are buying and you will not run into any health or legal issues.

And, more importantly, you know exactly what you are paying for.

What does this mean? Just think about the case of CBD oil. The version full spectrum it should contain 5%, 10%, 20% or even 30% CBD depending on the chosen product. The higher the concentration, the more obviously the price goes up.

But how can you be sure that exactly this concentration is inside if you don’t check the certificate of analysis? If a company wanted to make money it could declare a bogus percentage to get a higher payout. With the certificate in hand, however, this will never happen.

How the tests are carried out: HPLC method

There are numerous types of tests that laboratories can carry out on cannabis to check its quality and potency. Some vary from state to state, while others can be considered universal. Among the most common methods we find theHPLC or high performance liquid chromatography.

To carry out the test with this method comes taken a sample from the inflorescence, mixed with a solvent and pumped into a tube inside the chemical components separate.

The different substances are subsequently evaluated by means of a special detector placed at the end of the tube. The substances each travel at a different speed, thus imprinting certain information on the detector from which the scientists read the data you read on the CBD certificate of analysis.

What is contained in the CBD Certificate of Analysis

In summary, the certificate is a document where the laboratory that carried out the tests on the batch writes all the results. This means that they are contained within it abbreviations and numerical data.

Here is there difficulty in reading.

If you have never worked in the scientific sector, you will hardly be able to understand, at first glance, what the numbers and letters you see refer to. Let’s find out together how to read the certificates on our site.


The first piece of information you are interested in knowing as a customer is the information regarding the cannabinoids. The substances belonging to this category contained in the cannabis plant are many, however you are interested in knowing two in particular.

The first is the CBDthe active ingredient to which all the therapeutic properties of cannabis are attributed such as relaxing, anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant, anti-oxidant, and beneficial properties against stress, anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, sleep and many others.

Similar in effect to CBD is the THC which, however, is more strictly regulated as it is also psychoactive. This means that it not only produces benefits on the human body but also gives that sense of “high” against which governments around the world fight.

In fact, the law n. 242/2016 established that in Italy marketable light cannabis products must contain a THC level below 0.5% to be considered legal. And it is very important that this limit is respected by the manufacturers to avoid unpleasant incidents during drug testing.

Within the certificate, you will also find other cannabinoids such as CBG (which aids in the production of CBD), the CBN (which develops after cutting the plant) and the CBC (which works especially in the response to pain).


Other substances present in massive doses within the plant, and that you will also happen to read in the data sheets of our products, are the terpenes. These are substances that they protect the plant from external attacks and which, in turn, possess beneficial properties.

For many cannabis products we speak of entourage effect. The latter occurs when numerous elements already present in the hemp plant are also kept within the final products. In fact, it is thought that, working in synergy in nature, they are able to provide a greater beneficial effect than what they would produce individually.

Terpenes, like all other substances contained in the plant, have property in itself (anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, etc.) and give cannabis its particular aroma.

Heavy metals

Sometimes, in the soil on which the plants are grown, there may be gods heavy metal residues such as lead, arsenic, mercury, iron, copper and many others. These substances are visible only through specific laboratory tests and it is very important to find them because some are extremely harmful to the body.

It should be the company itself, upstream, a check the ground before growing hemp plants on it, to ensure a pure and pristine product.


Those who buy light cannabis products do so because they are looking for gods natural remedies. This means that the products you buy must in no way contain chemical pesticides or herbicides.

Laboratory tests are essential to understand if the plant has been grown with organic methods or through the use of chemicals. Several modern farming techniques contemplate them, however it is possible to avoid them if you want to consume pure products.

Residual solvents

Some methods of extracting the active ingredients plants involve the use of solvents. These are processes carried out in laboratories equipped for this purpose, however it may happen that residues of the solvents reach the final product.

There are even more rudimentary methods that they exploit very aggressive solvents and these could leave traces even capable of altering the final product.

We at Cannabidi use the supercritical CO2 extraction methoda complex method but much safer and more natural for the product, which does not alter the quality of the inflorescences or the substances inside them.

Microbes and mycotoxins

The tests carried out to obtain the CBD analysis certificate are also essential to check that the various lots do not contain viruses, bacteria and fungifrom which toxins and very serious diseases such as salmonella, staphylococcus and many others can develop.

Such contaminants should be completely eliminated during the extraction processwhich should always guarantee the quality and safety of the final product.

Other information found in the CBD Certificate of Analysis

In addition to the table with information on the substances contained in the product, there is a lot of other information on the CBD certificate of analysis:

  • Laboratory: the name, address and other contact information of the laboratory that performed the tests are written at the top of the page;
  • Basic information: a whole series of data on the client, the date of the analysis, the method used, the number of the batch checked, the label, the type of sample, the variety and so on are listed below;
  • Product photo: the certificate shows the photo of the product to which the test refers.

Now that you know how to read a CBD analysis certificate, you can check the quality of our articles in the appropriate section dedicated to product analysis and then buy them directly on the shop.

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