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Imagine your next party or evening. The typical bottles of wine are passed from hand to hand, and there are a couple of homemade punches on the table. You might even have a bartender project making cocktails in the kitchen. At this point, many will think that adding CBD to these cocktails would be crazy (or drunk depending on how late the night is), but the truth is that CBD could be the secret ingredient in your next drink.

With many favorable recognitions and a significant increase in popularity, CBD is considered not only a beneficial health dietary supplement, but also a great food and drink ingredient. Thanks to a huge number of recipes for preparing dishes with CBD, it has never been easier to discover the benefits of cannabidiol for yourself. Many of us have a drink to relax, so incorporating CBD might be the best way to de-stress after a long and difficult week,


Why is there so much buzz around CBD? Is it justified? The truth is, as more consumers incorporate CBD into their daily lives, the testimonials of its benefits are skyrocketing. Many attribute to CBD a reduction in stress and anxiety, an increased sense of well-being, and certain anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Not to mention, all of these positive benefits come without the feeling of being stoned, something that is often highly stigmatized.

CBD is one of the many cannabinoids in cannabis. But unlike THC, it is not psychoactive. The icing on the cake? In many parts of the world, CBD is completely legal, as it is usually derived from hemp. Many fans of healthy eating consider it a superfood, since its extract can be perfectly integrated into daily food and drinks.

To support this boom in consumption, many bars and restaurants are now offering CBD cocktails. Los Angeles bars such as the Prank Bar or the Gracias Madre restaurant in Hollywood have contributed to the creation of a positive image for CBD. Many craft beers now also contain CBD.


If you want to impress the guests at your next party, how do you add CBD to some delicious alcoholic beverages? CBD is often incorporated in two different forms: tinctures and oils. Oil-based CBD is often used as the top layer of a cocktail. This is due to the different densities of the liquids, which make the oil float. You will be able to enjoy some elaborate motifs and the strong aroma of CBD while obtaining its benefits. Tinctures, on the other hand, are made with alcohol, which means they mix easily with other drinks. They will make the presence of the CBD less obvious, and they are completely consumed. The oil can sometimes leave traces in the bottom of the glass.


Think of terpenes as the compounds in cannabis that provide its flavor and aroma. They are not only found in cannabis, but also in many other types of herbs, fruits, plants, and even animals. The key is to use the terpenes to complement the rest of the ingredients in a cocktail. We should not be afraid of the unique flavor and aroma of CBD, but should include it in new cocktail ideas.

In addition to providing unique flavors, terpenes have their own health benefits. Limonene, for example, not only provides a pungent citrus flavor, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect. If you know the different terpenes and their respective aromas and properties, you could take the usual cocktails to a new level. Both for your senses and for your health.


All of these cocktails contain CBD and are very easy to prepare at home.

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cbd recipes


8cl of Pimm’s
3cl of lemon juice
2cl simple syrup
3 cucumber slices
4cl ginger beer
15mg CBD tincture


1. Mash the cucumber and syrup in the bottom of the shaker.

2. Add the Pimm’s, CBD tincture and lemon juice. Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled tall Collins glass.
3. Complete with ginger beer and a slice of cucumber to decorate. Add ice if necessary.



6cl of bourbon
2cl simple syrup
8 mint leaves
15mg CBD tincture


1. Crush 5 mint leaves and the syrup in the bottom of a chilled julep glass.
2. Add the bourbon and CBD tincture, and top with crushed ice.
3. Stir well and add more ice.
4. Decorate with the rest of the mint leaves.


cbd cocktail recipes


6cl of gin
14cl of tonic
1cl of lemon juice
15mg CBD oil
Selection of aromatic fruits (lime slice, grapefruit rind, or edible flowers)


1. In a wine glass, combine the gin, lemon juice, and tonic. Complete with ice.
2. Place the aromatic fruits; its main purpose is to make the drink attractive to the eye.
3. Pour the CBD oil on top.

The only thing left is to sit back and enjoy. Remember: experimentation is key. Once you’ve perfected the cocktails above, try different CBD oils and tinctures to see which pair best with other drinks.

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