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Today more and more people are turning to the consumption of light cannabis due to its natural origin.

But you know how the production of CBD products?

The CBD, or cannabidiol, has particularly beneficial properties for the human body. Thanks to the extraction process it is possible to enclose these properties within products so that all those looking for natural and organic remedies can benefit from them.

However, if you don’t know how the extraction and production process leading to the final product happens, you can’t know how much real benefit will assure you that single product.

It is true that it is the natural qualities of CBD that allow the production of a useful product, but this alone is not enough. The production method, which starts from the cultivation of hemp up to its processing. If even part of the process is neglected or carried out without competence, all the work may be in vain and you will find yourself with a poor product.

We at Cannabidi have one behind us agricultural tradition which allows us to work the land with wisdom and passion. The production of CBD products takes place in organic crops from which certified and authorized cannabis light is derived from the European Union.

But let’s see how the fascinating manufacturing process of our products takes place.

What is CBD

Within the hemp plants there are about a hundred different types of cannabinoids and the CBD is one of them. This component of the plant is responsible for the beneficial effects that the final product provides to the human body, known for their ability to fight stress and anxiety.

But you have to be careful because the cannabinoids are also part of the THC, a component completely different from CBD. If the latter is able to bring benefit to the body, THC, despite its therapeutic properties have been recognized, is the component with psychoactive properties.

What does psychoactive mean? Which is able to modify the psycho-physical state of a subject.

The Italian legislation prohibits the production and sale of marijuana with a high THC content precisely because it wants to avoid legalizing a substance that can alter the mental faculties of those who take it. CBD, on the other hand, produces none of this. Indeed, the higher its concentration, the more the product will be able to naturally cure a wide variety of ailments.

It starts with the cultivation of hemp

It is good to say that it is not possible to grow hemp as you want. Exactly how for the sale there is a precise legislation that also regulates production. Both of these activities must be carried out within the limits established by the law n. 242 of 2016.

As we have already mentioned, only the cultivation of hemp that contains a is legal low THC percentage. The cultivation of this plant is allowed for industrial use aimed at the production of different products such as foods, oils, cosmetics and much more.

Hemp is a plant that it requires an open and large space, as it can reach a height of two and a half meters. Forget the common imagery where hemp is grown in pots on the windowsill. For industrial production, fields are needed in which it can develop both in height and in depth in the earth. In addition, the soil must be prepared before the seedlings can be planted.

The hemp crop happens after about 4 months since it was planted. At that point it can be worked on to extract the famous CBD.

Extraction with CO2, without solvent or with solvent

The safest CBD extraction is definitely that without solvent, although it is slightly more complex than the others. To obtain CBD with this technique, it is necessary to produce heat or rub the leaves.

It is a process long enough because extracting the component through heat or rubbing of flowers and plants requires some effort. However, this will pay off with a great end result.

It is not a difficult practice to carry out because it does not require the use of special tools and it is therefore very economical, not to mention the fact that it allows you to use the whole plant.

CBD extraction with solvent instead it is simpler in terms of implementation but very risky. Hemp plants are passed through a liquid solvent which removes cannabinoids.

The final yield of the product is quite good and this is the reason why many carry out the extraction with solvents. However, risks causing injury if you are not practical in their use.

Finally, another CBD extraction method is the one with Supercritical CO2. During the process, CO2 is manipulated to bring it to the supercritical stage, in which it possesses the qualities of both a liquid substance and a gaseous substance. The extraction is done by pumping the CO2 in this state through the plant to obtain the cannabinoids.

It is clear that, unlike the first two, this third method is very complex and can only be achieved on an industrial level. However, it is also what allows you to get the best product.


crystalweed light cannabis cut

Through the extraction we have obtained aessence where CBD is present. However, at this stage, it is still mixed with other components such as, for example, chlorophyll. To get pure CBD, another step called refining is required.

Refining is aimed at delete all external components to obtain a high concentration of CBD in solid or liquid products.

The refining method that applies to hemp is called Winterization, during which the CBD extract obtained from the previous step is vigorously mixed with alcohol at 200 degrees and frozen overnight. The following day the resulting mixture is filtered through the floss paper.

The first goal, namely to remove excess components, has been achieved. For also remove alcohol used during the refining process, the CBD extract is heated until all the alcohol has evaporated. It can now be used for the production of CBD products.

CBD oil extracted from cannabis or hemp

The oil finally obtained from the extraction of the plant can be considered pure. It is a particularly popular product on the market because it contains, as mentioned at the beginning, beneficial principles for the treatment of anxiety, stress, inflammation and many other ailments.

It should be noted that the oil can be extracted from both cannabis and hemp, and it is important to know that the highest quality CBD is that extracted from hemp.

Sometimes some grow cannabis to extract CBD later, however cannabis also has the other cannabinoid called THC which can then end up inside the final product.


The process for manufacturing CBD products is not as quick and easy as you might think, this explains theirs market value.

Summarizing the essential steps, the cultivation of hemp plants must take place under the right conditions. After the time necessary for maturation, we proceed with the collection and subsequent extraction of the CBD through one of the methods seen. Finally, a usable product is obtained through refining and filtration.

Based on the expertise and care with which all these phases are addressed, the final result will have a more or less high quality. That’s why we care about take care of every single phase of the process by infusing in each one of our passion and our technical knowledge.

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