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For a long time the concept of weed or cannabis, as you want to call it, has been associated with the world of lawlessness. Today, however, not only buying cannabis is legalbut it is also much easier than in the past.

What is not so clear is whether it is possible to buy them in large quantities and what is the cost of 1 kg of wholesale legal weed.

On the web you may find very attractive offers, however in addition to the favorable price you must be sure of the quality of what you buy. Too low a cost, at times, is synonymous with low value. For this reason it is important know well who sells you the product.

If you want to buy legal weed in bulk, you are in the right place.

Cannabidi works for over 5 years in the sector of cannabis light and has an agricultural tradition behind it. Strengthened by the skills acquired in the cultivation of the land, we know how to carefully select the raw materials to create a high quality final product.

In a very short time we will also talk about figures, but now let’s discover the cost of 1 kg of wholesale legal weed in the world.

Based on the studies of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, it is possible to estimate the average price of the herb in the countries that use it the most. In reality, having reliable data is almost impossible given that both legal and illegal weed consumption are high. However, we can get a rough idea:

  1. New York: The state has not fully legalized the recreational use of the herb, allowing only medical use. This certainly does not discourage the inhabitants of the Big Apple who apparently consume more than 77 tons per year, with an average cost of 10.76 dollars per gram;
  2. Karachi: in this city of Pakistan the use of weed would be illegal, however the UNODC estimates that almost 42 tons are consumed per year with an average price much lower than that of America, only 5.32 dollars per gram ;
  3. New Delhi: the concept of weed in India is completely different from that of many other countries in the world because it is allowed there, first of all, for religious purposes. This makes it legal and usable, with a consumption of over 38 tons per year for an average cost of $ 4.38 per gram;
  4. Los Angeles: California produces some of the highest quality species in the world and its legalization is at least a consequence. About 36 tons per year are used with an average price of 8.14 dollars per gram;
  5. Cairo: annual consumption is over 32 tons at an average cost of 16.15 dollars per gram; compared to the cities previously seen, this is an extremely high price.

In the United States, the cost of wholesale legal weed is on the rise

The cost of legal weed it is not always the same at any time of the year. During the summer, for example, demand is much higher than supply. Before the autumn harvest there is less product availability and this leads to an increase in the price of what is available.

However, this has not been the only relevant dynamic in recent years. The cost of legal weed also depends on how many farmers survive and how many fail.

Also, many US growers are moving more towards hemp, since marijuana is already a saturated market. At the same time, they keep legal weed aside while waiting for an even more favorable moment.

According to data collected on the cost of wholesale weed in the United States by Seaport Global, an independent investment bank, the price is rising in the states where it is used the most.

Historically, theOregon it is one of the most senior states and in recent years the cost of 1 kg of wholesale legal weed has grown by 100%. The price of product a has also doubled Washington and is growing considerably in Colorado.

Seen this way, this data might not say much, but it becomes significant as the price growth in other states travels with one 1.2% average.

The increase in cost in the United States is therefore no longer a purely seasonal phenomenon but depends on market dynamics and the behavior of the growers.

The light cannabis market is constantly expanding and many think that this is only the beginning of a field destined to grow more and more. The regulation of the product by the law has declared its use possible e The internet has made it easier for the public to access it.

That is why many online shops of Retail where the final consumer can make their purchases.

How does the wholesale?

Generally the sale of large quantities of legal weed is done through a direct contact between the grower and the seller. Again, the seller can subsequently trade the product both online and in a physical store. The contact he makes with the grower is aimed at obtaining more produce at a lower price.

In fact, the price of wholesale light hemp is definitely lower than the prices offered by retailers.

All traders, wholesalers or retailers, agree that the light hemp is a expanding business. It is a product that, in Italy, can bring many benefits in the agricultural field.

wholesale legal weed cost

It is now clear, buying legal weed at retail is possible. But it is also buy in bulk? This is the doubt that haunts many people.

The sale of light cannabis, even in large quantities, is allowed in Italy thanks to the regulation provided for by law no. 242 of 2016. This means that it is possible to buy it.

However, wholesaling legal weed must comply with the same obligations as for retailing. This means that it must be sold packaged and it must be specifically written that it is not intended for use in combustion.

In addition, it must be indicated on the label that the THC present inside the product, i.e. the active ingredient that can cause psychoactive effects, is between 0.2% and 0.5%as required by Italian law.

The value of CBDinstead, it can be variable. The important thing is that THC is evident, because it is he who determines whether we are dealing with illegal marijuana or perfectly legal cannabis light.

People often buy legal weed in bulk business online or offline, coffee bars, grow shops or collectors. So now is the time to talk about figures.

Cannabidi sells products that contain CBD in bulk and the price of light hemp per kg in 2021 varies from 400 to 2000 euros.

What does the price difference depend on? From many factors, first of all the cultivation method.

Legal weed can be grown in different modes including indoor, outdoor and greenhouse (a synthesis of the previous two).

The second aspect that defines the selling price is the quality. The higher the standard the product, the more the cost of 1 kg of wholesale legal weed increases.

As cultivators, we we sell to grow shop and store who are looking for a high quality product. We take care of every stage of production, from the birth of the plant to the distribution of the final product, thanks to our knowledge in the agricultural field.

We offer resellers a complete service which starts from the smallest information about the world of legal weed up to personalized advice to sell it at its best within your own business.

If you are a grow shop or a store and want to become part of the world of cannabis light, register in our reserved area. We will help you make your way into the market with a product that will leave your customers completely satisfied.

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