How does CBD help in muscle growth?

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Whether you’re a gym freak or just wanting to get in shape, muscle growth is essential. The fact of increasing muscle mass is not only appreciated because it increases self-esteem, but also because it promotes resistance to injury and helps us stay active in old age. To find out how CBD can help clean muscle growth, read on.

understand muscle growth

Before delving into the benefits that CBD could have on muscle growth, it is interesting to understand how our hormones participate in the development of strength and muscle mass. Specifically, there are two groups of hormones that play a crucial role: anabolic and catabolic hormones.

The latter can greatly promote muscle growth, and anabolic hormone stimulants are a favorite among hardcore bodybuilders. If you hit the gym occasionally, or if you just want to stay in shape, anabolics carry many risks.

However, we are going to concentrate on the catabolic side of things. Catabolic hormones do the opposite of anabolic hormones and instead of promoting muscle growth, they contribute to the breakdown of muscle fibers by interfering with protein synthesis. Of all the catabolic hormones, cortisol is the most responsible for interfering with muscle development.

It may seem strange that we’re talking about muscle-reducing hormones like cortisol when we’re trying to stimulate growth; however, there is a method to our muscular madness. If we can limit a rise in cortisol, then we can reduce the damage it does to muscle size. Fortunately, CBD has been shown to “interfere with cortisol secretion” through its interactions with the endocannabinoid system.

From the looks of it, CBD helps control excess cortisol that is experienced during stressful situations, both mentally and physically. Unfortunately for us, training is considered physical stress; If cortisol spikes aren’t controlled before and after a workout, the hormone can put a damper on all our efforts. CBD prevents cortisol reduction in protein synthesis and helps the endocannabinoid system to restore balance. Maintaining a state of homeostasis is essential for any biological process, which is why the anti-catabolic properties of CBD could be so beneficial for muscle growth.

How else can CBD help with muscle growth?

CBD is an ideal gym partner, but not just because of its ability to lower cortisol levels. Often the first hurdle to building more muscle is getting to the gym or being motivated to exercise. A study on the pharmacological aspects of CBD found that the compound displays anxiolytic properties. When we have a less anxious and more balanced state of mind, we find it easier to get up and stay active, and when you start to see results, the feeling of satisfaction is very rewarding.

You also have to consider the effects of the cannabinoid on sleep. During the night, the body does most of the recovery process, when cortisol levels are at their lowest. Sleeping through the night is essential for muscle growth. In animal models, CBD “appears to increase total sleep time, as well as improve daylight sleep reconciliation.” It could not only help us have a longer and more restful night, but also help us feel more awake during the day and get the most out of our workouts.

Training with CBD can help the body and mind in many ways.

Whether you want to stimulate muscle growth or contribute to more efficient muscle recovery, CBD seems to be capable of both. The anti-inflammatory properties of the compound also help reduce muscle pain and maintain joint flexibility.

What’s more, CBD is not a compound reserved for elite fitness fanatics, but rather can have a beneficial effect on anyone looking to stay active, whatever their exercise routine. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of improving the way we feel and the quality of our sleep, so the relationship between CBD and an active lifestyle seems to be long and prosperous.

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