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You just bought a CBD oil, or are you about to complete the purchase, but do not know how to keep it? The fact that you have asked yourself this question is already an excellent starting point because it will allow you to introduce the product into your daily life without altering it with time or bad habits.

In fact, many people just check the expiration date on the package. This is certainly a great rule of thumb, but it’s not enough if you’re wondering how to store CBD oil.

Some components present within the oil, such as cannabinoids (the main active ingredients), are susceptible to a fast deterioration if they are not stored in the right way. So it is very important to check the expiration date but also to remember that it is not the only factor that affects the quality of the oil.

There are a number of rules to follow, more like some good habitswhich will allow you to guarantee the unaltered quality of the product you have purchased.

In this guide we will explain how to store CBD oil and also what are the main misconceptions to debunk on the subject.

Check the expiration date

There Expiration date it is the universal method through which the whole world monitors the qualitative status of any perishable product over a shorter or longer period of time. In theory, once the expiration date has passed (therefore a date later than the manufacturing date) the product can alter or lose part of its effectiveness.

This rule is strictly followed with regard to foods, which are also likely to be very harmful if consumed after their expiry. However, even for products such as CBD oil, the date written on the packaging is always a consideration.

In the case of CBD oil, after the expiration the product can lose some of its effectiveness or it can even change its own chemical composition. This is why we strongly advise you to always check the date written on the package or directly on the product bottle.

Depending on the manufacturer, you may find different terms such as:

  • To be used preferably by: in this case the exact day is indicated, together with the month and year, after which the product is no longer considered 100% safe;
  • Consumption period from opening: in this second case, the company will indicate a variable duration (generally in months) which will start not from the moment the oil was produced but from when it is opened.

In this second case, we advise you to pen the opening date on the bottle (some companies leave a special blank space) so as not to forget when you opened the product.

Why does a CBD oil expire?

No perishable product, by definition, it can remain unchanged forever. The expiry date is therefore a maximum time of use calculated on the basis of the characteristics, as well as the components, of the product itself.

However, in addition to this factor known to the world, there are conditions that can speed up the deadline and the alteration of the product itself. In particular, we refer to the conservation and meteorological conditions to which it is subjected, voluntarily or not.

Knowing how to store CBD oil means knowing what the ones are harmful elements for the product in question. The most lethal are three:

  • Light;
  • Heat;
  • Exposure to air and atmospheric agents.

You will certainly have noticed that bottles of CBD oil are dark, This is a first precaution to protect the product from light. However, if the bottle is left for long periods in an area where the sun is shining directly, the dark glass can do little.

So, light and heat are the two main enemies from which you have to watch to keep the product unaltered. Immediately after comes exposure to the air (it is in fact advisable to leave the bottle cap open only when strictly necessary) and obviously the passage of time.

Adequate conservation is concerned with check all of these items. In the course of the guide we will tell you specifically how to store CBD oil in the best way.

Which components expire first?

The expiration of CBD oil is very important because some components within it they deteriorate faster others, especially since it is a completely natural product.

The CBDor cannabidiol, is extracted from hemp inflorescences in pure form or together with the other plant components present in the plant such as minerals, proteins, vitamins, fibers, terpenes, essential fats, flavonoids and other cannabinoids. In this second case we are talking about a full spectrum, i.e. a complete product. Among the main uses, we find theCBD oil for muscle recovery or theCBD oil for dogs.

The CBD the oil is made from, as well as many other products such as CBD creams or the CBD herbal teasit’s a natural compound of the plant. This means that it is subject to deterioration over time and based on the conditions in which it is stored. Not only cannabinoids are altered with bad storage but also terpenes.

Other compounds that can be altered over time

In fact, everything that is used to grow the hemp plant from which the active ingredient is extracted as well as the substances with which it is created are subject to expiration.

First of all, they can alter the shelf life of any product chemical substances used during cultivation to ensure the health of the plant.

After that, the extraction methods. There are several including extraction without solvents, with solvents or with CO2 supercritical. The latter method is considered the safest because it does not harm the environment, does not use chemicals and therefore is not harmful to the active ingredient and other substances that are extracted from the plant. It is the method that guarantees the purity of the result and a longer duration of the product.

Finally, the carrier oils in which the active ingredient is mixed, contribute to determining the expiry date of the product in its entirety.

How to store CBD oil

how to store CBD oil

Now that you are quite prepared on the components we can explain to you how to store CBD oil in the best way. Remember that the bottle must always be protected from light, heat and air.

For proper storage you will need to follow these few simple habits:

  • Dark: it’s not particularly difficult to protect your CBD oil from UV rays, just store it in a drawer or cupboard;
  • Temperature: we have said that heat is deleterious for the good preservation of CBD oil, in fact the temperature of the place chosen for storage should never exceed 30 ° C and the bottle should not remain there for long periods of time, this is also the reason why it is highly not recommended to keep it in the car (especially in the summer months) where frequent and significant changes in temperature occur;
  • Humidity: the bottle that contains the oil is able to separate it very well from the external weather conditions, however we always advise you to choose a dry place, also to ensure the integrity of the package.

In case you have to to travelto carry CBD oil with you, the ideal would be a cooler, but if you don’t have one on hand, we recommend that you always keep it in a cool and dry environment where the temperature is under control.

How long can CBD oil be stored?

Despite the expiration date written by the company on the package, remember that CBD oil generally does lasts six months from the moment of opening.

Remembering this information will also be very useful if the date is written on the package. If the expiration is set two years after the production date, you cannot expect the oil to remain unchanged for two years if opened. From the openinga period of about six months is always valid.

After this time, it is rare for the oil to completely change its smell or consistency. It is more likely that its characteristics vanish little by little until it disappears completely.

Can i store CBD oil in the fridge?

The answer is Yup, especially if you live in a particularly hot or humid place. Remember that for a good conservation you need a closed, dark and cold placethis means that the refrigerator is perfect for storing natural substances.

The only drawback you may notice is a slight one separation of components inside the bottle. Don’t worry, just shake it and they’ll blend perfectly again.

If the oil were to become too solid due to the low temperature, soak the bottle for a couple of minutes in a bowl full of hot water and it will return liquid.

Choose quality, buy Cannabidi CBD oils

Now that you know how to store CBD oil, you can buy your first bottle now, if you haven’t already. For a good conservation you must remember four fundamental aspects:

  • Do not expose it to light for a prolonged time;
  • Avoid excessive heat sources;
  • Don’t forget the bottle with no cap;
  • Once opened, do not let more than six months pass.

Now you can visit ours online shop and choose the best CBD oil from a large selection of variants full spectrum.

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