Grinder or marijuana grinder: that’s what it’s for

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Are you a fan of light cannabis products?

The tools of this fascinating world are not so many, but there is one that cannot be missing from your collection. We are talking about the grinder or marijuana grinder.

There legal marijuana it is sold in the form of many types of products, from oils to herbal teas. However, many lovers buy them directly hemp inflorescencesi.e. the flowers of plants that contain the active ingredients.

We remind you that the type of cannabis we are talking about is the light one, which therefore contains a THC level below 0.5%as required by Italian law.

If you want more info on the legislation, click on the link to read the article it talks about sale, possession and regulation of cannabis light.

The plant contains many natural substances rich in properties and, in particular, contains the active ingredient called CBD capable of providing relaxing effects, painkillers, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsants, antidepressants and many others.

CBD-laden buds are sold in buds. This means if you wanted to chop them upyou should break them with your hands risking to compromise the quality of the product.

To overcome this drawback, a special tool was invented. Among the fans it takes different names, in fact you may find it mentioned as a grinder, grinder, marijuana grinder or weed grinder. Whatever you want to call it, the grinder is one essential tool for grinding light cannabis without compromising its peculiarities.

Using a marijuana grinder not only allows you to preserve the quality of the bud, but also to enhance its resinous components and the numerous cannabinoids contained within it.

Read on to find out how the marijuana grinder can help you maintain a chopped product of excellent quality.

What is a marijuana grinder

A chopped marijuana it is a small object (generally round) composed of two or more parts, equipped with teeth and a possible sieve to chop the hemp inflorescences in a precise way.

The most rudimentary models consist only of two ends, one toothed and one not, which through a slight pressure of the fingers produce pieces of the top. Exist models with multiple levels where there is also a sieve and a spatula to separate the components of the top and collect all the product.

Marijuana grinders can be made in different materialshere are the main ones:

  • Wood: handcrafted product particularly appreciated by environmentally conscious buyers, interesting for manufacturing especially when it is handcrafted, even if it can cause problems of use over time, since wood is a soft material and subject to wear;
  • Aluminum: probably the best material being light, resistant and non-absorbent;
  • Metal: the metals with which the grinders are made can be very different, from steel to zinc, and give life to a practical and resistant tool;
  • Plastic: cheap material that allows you to access a low-cost grinder, a solution indicated above all for beginners who are approaching this tool for the first time and do not yet know which type is best suited to their needs;
  • Ceramic: product which, unlike the previous one, represents a choice for connoisseurs and which guarantees high performance, which however has a higher cost than other models and a delicacy to be taken into consideration;
  • Electric: if you want to be sure you are buying an excellent product, you can opt for the electric solution and obtain a perfect product in a few moments;
  • By crank: mechanical marijuana grinder that grinds the herb exactly like a coffee grinder, through a crank that can be turned manually.

So what’s the use of a marijuana grinder

A legal weed grinder it is very useful because inflorescences are impractical, while they would become much more if they were chopped. In addition to the fact that, as we said at the beginning, thanks to the grinder you can safeguard the resin and therefore even enhance the quality of the product.

The top, in fact, is made up of different parts such as i trichomes or Kief (which contain cannabinoids, terpenes and other substances) and the resin present on them, in which the concentration of active ingredients is particularly high. These elements could be unevenly distributed on the top and a rough mincing could separate them even more, spoiling the beneficial properties.

Through a professional grinder, on the other hand, the minced product is perfectly balanced in all its elements.

In fact, the more complex grinders, we are talking about the 4-level ones, allow you to collect trichome residues thanks to the sieve and spatula. We remind you that it is important precisely because they contain the highest concentration of active ingredient, the reason why we buy cannabis light. All these components thus remain attached to the product and not to your fingers!

Furthermore, the marijuana grinder allows you to carry out this operation not only surgically but also faster and more practicalat any time and in any place you are.

How to use a marijuana grinder

The grinder has a really simple to usewhether it’s a 2-level or a 4-level grinder.

Let’s take a step-by-step breakdown of everything you need to do to chop your cannabis light safely and easily:

  • Open the grinder: first you have to open the grinder, this means removing the lid and inserting the top between the appropriate levels in order to proceed with the mincing and, if the top is too big, we advise you to break it with your fingers by inserting a small amount;
  • Close the grinder: after placing the product inside and making sure that it is not too much, you can proceed with the mincing by repositioning the lid and turning it clockwise about ten times by applying light pressure (otherwise, if the grinder is electric it will take care of grind the top, while if you have purchased a crank grinder you will have to turn the hand one in the rings);
  • Open the grinder again: when you think that the bud is chopped enough you can reopen the grinder to extract the final product being careful not to spill the pieces of cannabis;
  • Clean the sieve: in the event that you have purchased a 4-level grinder, trichome residues will certainly remain on the pollen sieve that you can easily collect with a special brush included in the tool so as not to lose even a grain of the precious cannabis light.

This is how a basic marijuana grinder works. Some models such as the electric and crank models may differ slightly, but you will see that their use will be even more simple and intuitive.

How to clean a grinder

The weed grinder, like any other tool, needs constant maintenance in order to always function at its maximum potential and to be able to last over time. This means cleaning it regularly.

How do you clean the grinder? A first cleaning through the spatula it allows you to remove most of the resin trapped in the sieve (we are always talking about a 4-level grinder model). However, a more thorough cleaning, of any model, allows you to remove all resin residues.

This is important for two reasons. We have already revealed the first, namely the fact of keeping the grinder intact and functioning. The second reason is to be found in the need for do not contaminate products that are different from each other.

They exist in fact many qualities of inflorescences, with different characteristics and aromas, and using a grinder that is not perfectly clean could alter the aroma of the next bud. This means cleaning the teeth thoroughly (in any type of grinder) and the sieve (in the case of the 4-level marijuana grinder).

To do this, you can choose the technique that seems most practical to you. A very simple method that allows you to clean the instrument thoroughly, even in crevices, is theusing a toothbrush. If the friction of the toothbrush isn’t enough in itself, you can help yourself with a compound based on isopropyl alcohol (one of the most popular alcohols) and salt.

In case some residue hasn’t come off yet, you can leave the grinder in the freezer for a few hours and then repeat the cleaning. In fact, frost favors the detachment of particles from the surfaces.

How much does a professional herb grinder cost?

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