Effects, where to find, regulations: all about CBD in France

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Around you and online, you see more and more CBD shops open every year. But how is it in France, if you want consume CBD ?

Where to find CBD in Paris?

You can go directly to our CBD Origin Shop located at 18 rue de la Cerisaie in Paris! If you are interested in our CBD products, but you cannot come, you can also place an order on our site to receive them directly at your home. We offer a service of Express delivery for all deliveries in Paris and near suburbs. This will allow you to enjoy your order the same day wherever you are! You will find more information here.

What is the best CBD?

The best quality of CBD can be found in our catalog!

· We offer indoor flowers premium quality! From mythical varieties as the Super Skunk ORGANIC CBD or the White Widow Haze BIO CBD.

· We also have the best selection of greenhouse flowers ! You will find in particular the very famous Amnesia ORGANIC CBD and Jack Herer ORGANIC CBD.

· Lovers ofauthenticity will no doubt be won over by our range of outdoor flowers ! In particular by the varieties Purple Punch ORGANIC CBD and Orange Bud ORGANIC CBD.

· You can also find CBD resin if you want to discover new ways of consumption! We invite you to opt for the two best CBD hashes in our range; MoonRock Hash Old School 50% CBD Resin and Resin 50% CBD Hash Amnesia.

· Our CBD oils are produced with plants from first quality and extracted with the best extraction technologies! They are available with different concentration levels; 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 40%.

Is CBD authorized in France?

the cannabidiol, is now differentiated from the THC molecule. We therefore know that CBD is not a psychotropic and that it even has certain virtues. Unlike products containing THC, the sale and consumption of CBD products is legal in France as well as in Europe. However, these products cannot contain more than 0.2% THC. This level does not allow THC to act on the body and thus create a state of intoxication or cause side effects. As well, the CBD must come from a cannabis sativa variety authorized by the regulations.

Where to get CBD in France?

CBD products can be purchased in line or in the physical points of sale authorized. If you live in Paris, you can come directly to our shop CBD origin to discover our wide choice! Also, on our site, you can take advantage of our catalog and place an order from anywhere in France!

Who can sell CBD?

Today in France, you can find CBD in electronic cigarette shops, in tobacconists and in shops dedicated to CBD. You can also find CBD e-shops. However, all shops that sell CBD products, physical or online, must inform consumers about the effects and the properties of CBD. They must also be able to provide the appropriate advice to different consumer profiles. Also, they are not allowed to sell to minors and indicate that CBD is not recommended for pregnant women.

Which CBD level to choose?

The CBD level depends on your consumption frequency and effects what you want to have. It is calculated based on your weight. The optimal dosage for a person is 3 mg of CBD per kilo. So multiply your weight by three. If you need a personalized support to obtain the appropriate CBD level according to the product and your needs, you can contact us here !

If you have any further questions regarding CBD, contact us right now !

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