Differences between male and female marijuana

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Plants have sex – and it’s probably weirder than you think. They still lack the social constructions of flirting and having sex, but give them time to evolve and they will surely surprise us all. Now seriously, plants can be male, female, or hermaphrodite – some plants reproduce asexually, through clones, so their sex is not determined.

Cannabis Sativa, for example, the marijuana plant, usually has male and female plants, although sometimes hermaphrodite plants can also be found – having both sexes. Female plants produce female flowers, and male plants produce male flowers – or in the case of a hermaphrodite, both male and female flowers.

The male flowers contain pollen – the male reproductive cell. The female flowers contain ovules – the female reproductive cell. When female plants are pollinated, the ovules develop into seeds.


Although both male and female cannabis plants produce flowers, the flowers are very different. The female flower is the one that is usually consumed. The masculine can also be consumed, but it contains less cannabinoids and, therefore, its effect will be less.

And more importantly, the male plants pollinate the females, resulting in a high abundance of seeds in the female flowers. Seed production reduces levels of cannabinoids, such as THC. If exposed to heat, the seeds crack with a characteristic noise and are said to cause headaches. It is advisable to avoid the consumption of female marijuana flower seeds, since they are a sign of a bad crop or a novice crop.


Male plants have thicker stems and less dense leaves than female plants. Distinguishing the sex of a cannabis plant with the naked eye is difficult, it is best left to the connoisseurs.

A good method to distinguish the sex of a plant is to observe the differences between its pre-flowers. The pre-flowers are usually found at the stem nodes. The male pre-flowers are round in shape, and the females are pointed with white hairs coming out of them – these hairs are called pistils. Waiting for the pistils to come out is one way to recognize female plants.

Marijuana plants go through two very different periods in their life cycle – vegetative and flowering.

During the vegetative period, the plant grows rapidly and develops its sexual organs at a slower rate. After about 6 weeks of the vegetative phase, the pre-flowers will begin to signal the sex of the plant.

During the flowering period, the plants fully develop their sexual organs – the flowers. If you cannot see the sex during the vegetative stage, you will be able to do so after 3 weeks of flowering, which is when all plants reveal their sex.

Male plants must be separated from females to prevent pollination. When it comes to cultivation, a hermaphrodite plant should be considered as a male, because it has the same potential to pollinate females.

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