Difference between whole plant and flower extraction

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As the CBD market expands, there is less and less discussion about CBD consumption and more talk about which products to choose and how to manage them. Regarding the quality and purity of CBD oil, there are a number of production processes that not only alter the integrity of the final product, but also the importance of the “entourage effect” that is experienced.

The entourage effect is extremely beneficial to enhance the therapeutic properties of CBD; And as long as it’s properly extracted and purified, CBD oil will only contain trace amounts of THC. Before we get too deep into the benefits of whole plant extraction, let’s take a look at how CBD is extracted from hemp plants.

how is cbd extracted?

CBD can be extracted in a number of ways, as long as you have the necessary tools. But not all methods are the same. Until very recently, butane, propane, and alcohol were the main solvents used in CBD extraction; currently, they do not exceed the efficiency and quality of CO₂ extraction.

CO₂ extraction offers a level of control and precision impossible to obtain with the previously mentioned methods. With the help of state-of-the-art technology and extraction experts, CO₂ is passed through plant material under strict temperature and pressure control. The result is a greater selection of cannabinoids and terpenes, which preserves even the most fragile compounds. Through this unique process, cannabinoids that are often lost or destroyed can be preserved and included in our products.

This is precisely what Cibdol provides: a CBD oil made to the highest quality standards by extraction specialists in our modern Swiss laboratory. But there is a difference between the whole extraction and the isolation of the CBD from the flowers, regardless of whether CO₂ is used or not.

You may be wondering: why does Cibdol prefer whole plant extraction?

full extraction

Many people around the world consume CBD oil for a myriad of reasons. However, its healing power is not derived from CBD alone, but from the abundant variety of cannabinoids and terpenes contained in the entire plant structure. When we use the term “whole plant”, we are actually referring to the entire spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes that are provided by the flowers and small leaves of cannabis. The inclusion of these compounds is what enhances the therapeutic properties of CBD. As we have already mentioned, this phenomenon is known as the entourage effect.

Through whole plant extraction, not only are specific terpenes and cannabinoids preserved (many of which would be destroyed by older extraction methods), the number of additional compounds can also be controlled. This ensures that the consumer is getting a product with the full potency and full spectrum of the cannabis sativa plant.

Extraction of the flowers

If the extraction of the whole plant allows to preserve the entire spectrum of cannabinoids and other chemical substances, the extraction of the flowers concentrates on certain parts of the plant in order to extract specific cannabinoids (in this case, CBD) and discard the other compounds. Although cannabidiol has gained cachet in its own right, studies show a bell-shaped dose-effect curve at higher concentrations of pure CBD.

Basically, the ability of CBD to promote improved health and wellness on its own begins to diminish at certain doses. With extraction from the whole plant, a more diverse set of plant chemicals act as a natural synergist for CBD, enhancing its efficacy beyond that of the isolated cannabinoid.

At cibdol, we focus on whole plant extraction

The reason why we focus on extracting the whole plant is very simple: because it generates a more diverse product, not only in terms of the variety of cannabinoids and terpenes preserved, but also in its therapeutic potential to combat various disorders. CBD isolate has and always will have advantages, but it only provides part of the potential of the whole plant. By being able to preserve other components, we can verify the true benefit of the cannabis or hemp plant.

Going back to the original question, how can I guarantee the best quality CBD oil? The answer is with products that use the full spectrum of the plant or whole extractions, like the entire range of Cibdol products.

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