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Malena visited the Indica Sativa Trade Hemp Fair held at the Unipol Arena in Casalecchio on Sunday 14 April.

The famous Apulian showgirl was a guest of Cannabidi, a leading company in the marketing of CBD products.
In addition to kindly undergoing an uninterrupted selfie session in the company of all those who wanted a photo with the interpreter of the forbidden dream of many men, Malena was able to appreciate all of Cannabidi’s CBD products. It is a new brand that only addresses high-profile solutions in terms of cosmetics, herbal teas, hemp oil and legal marijuana.

The Bologna event therefore saw the baptism of a line of very high quality products, like all those proposed by Cannabidi.
Let’s briefly see what Malena was able to experience in person during the presentation of the CBD Beauty Cannabidi® line

Cannabidi® Beauty Line

It is a series of quality cosmetics consisting of a sum of organic raw materials that have been harmonized and balanced with each other, thanks to research aimed at creating high-profile products. This is fully combined with the philosophy of Cannabidi, which wants to maintain its role as leader in the hemp marketing market unchanged even within the segment dedicated to wellness and health.
The line was named Beauty precisely by virtue of the fact that they are dedicated to beauty in an appropriate way, taking advantage of CBD as a significant ingredient.
CBD is the cannabinoid that is most present in the hemp plant.
The creams that are proposed and that are the result of countless researches, are ideal in the aesthetic sector and not only because they are offered in a refined and classy package.
The following are part of the Cannabidi® Beauty Line: the CBD Lip Balm, the Anti-Age CBD Face Cream, the Body Cream with CBD and the Hand Cream with CBD that guarantee the maximum results desired by those who use them.

Herbal teas with CBD

Another use of CBD that has been possible to discover is that related to herbal teas.
In this case, Cannabidi uses only first-rate materials that come from all over the globe and that are blended with whole leaves to keep their flavor intact.
The herbal teas are packaged in special pyramidal filters that give the possibility to observe the colored mixtures that are stored inside them.
Individually packaged to keep the fragrance and scent of the blend intact, each filter contains 5 milligrams of CBD dissolved in MCT oil to ensure maximum beneficial yield for each herbal tea.
Designed to offer the maximum of their potential, infusions and herbal teas with CBD allow you to develop concentration, increase the immune system or simply relax.

CBD oil

Other leading products are represented by CBD Oil Full Spectrum Cannabidi whose particularity is given by the fact of presenting a complete spectrum of cannabinoids, which thanks to the entourage effect are much more effective than other CBD oils produced from isolated crystals.
In the case of CBD oil Full Spectrum Cannabidi, all the active ingredients amplify the known properties of CBD.
100% natural and free from fungicides, pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides, CBD oil is effective as an analgesic, pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

Last but not least, Cannabidi markets 100% legal marijuana with thc within the limits set by law. Proposed in hermetically sealed black jars to prevent the infiltration of air and light that would damage the quality of the product, it presents a high quality because it is made exclusively by green house and indoor crops controlled and protected from bacterial attacks, pollinations and climatic agents. .
Totally guaranteed in quality, this product joins all the others proposed by Cannabidi and is synonymous with professionalism and seriousness.

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