Consumption of paracetamol and CBD during pregnancy

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For mothers-to-be, pregnancy is hard work. Assessing the safety of a developing baby as she grows inside you is not an easy task, everything you consume is consumed by her. Therefore, when we talk about painkillers, most mothers are very cautious. It can be a source of potential problems. Obviously, the most common and safest decision is to avoid these types of substances. However, this is not always possible, and we have wondered how CBD works in comparison, especially with substances like paracetamol.


First of all, let’s take a look at paracetamol. A priori, paracetamol is a relatively safe and easily available medication. It is used for general pain relief, often without giving it much thought. It is also considered very safe, so it is sometimes possible to buy it without a prescription. This sense of security has led to its use by pregnant women as well.

Despite the fact that taking paracetamol is common during pregnancy, new studies suggest that there is a connection between paracetamol consumption and symptoms of hyperactivity and autism in children. Spanish researchers gathered 2,644 pregnant women to interview them about their use of acetaminophen and then analyzed their children between 1 and 5 years of age. The paracetamol consumption of each mother was classified as null, sporadic or persistent.

At 5 years, it was found that children who had been exposed to acetaminophen during the first 32 weeks of pregnancy were significantly more likely to display hyperactive and impulsive behaviours, with children of women classified in the persistent category faring worse. in inattention, impulsivity, and visual processing speed tests. This suggests that paracetamol might have certain effects on embryonic development. Of course, this is just one study, and one to take with a certain degree of skepticism, but it does bring to light a potential problem that should be investigated.


CBD is known to help alleviate certain symptoms, such as inflammation and pain. Therefore, it is a substance that is often interesting for pregnant women. Once again, a certain degree of skepticism is recommended. There is no evidence that CBD is harmful to an unborn baby, but at the same time, the research is quite scant.

The studies carried out have used mice and have not yet entered the clinical trial phase. However, in these studies no adverse effects on fetal development were found. Although this might not take long-term effects into account.

The safest option is to see a doctor. This way you can make sure you do what’s best for you and your future child.

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