Cibdol opens its first store in Amsterdam

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Setting the standard in the CBD industry, Cibdol is committed to providing a revolutionary experience not only online, but also offline. Very soon, in the heart of Amsterdam, we will offer our full range of products and answer any questions you have, in person!

Best quality CBD products in the Netherlands

Before we at Cibdol considered opening a physical store, we spent an entire decade delivering a market-leading online experience. From our comprehensive CBD Encyclopedia to a diverse selection of CBD oils, creams, supplements and cosmetics, our customers know they can trust Cibdol to deliver high-quality, independently tested products.

Now this same trusted shopping experience is coming to the center of Amsterdam with the launch of the first Cibdol store. You will be able to see our full range of CBD in person, and speak face to face with our team of experts.

Cibdol store in the heart of Amsterdam

Although Cibdol produces its CBD in Switzerland, the beautiful city of Amsterdam is the natural enclave for our first specialty store. Cibdol not only has a close relationship with the Netherlands, but also its capital, one of the birthplaces of cannabis culture, has a deep passion for CBD.

With more than 850,000 inhabitants and 20 million tourists a year, Amsterdam is a city united by its love of marijuana and hemp. It’s hard to think of a site that has struggled more to understand, empower, and accept cannabis in all its forms.

And what better way to highlight the potential of this plant than by offering our products in a location overlooking the famous Prinsengracht? The location of the Cibdol store is impressive to say the least, surrounded by picturesque canals and historic buildings.

Expanding the Cibdol brand: Swiss purity at your fingertips

The action of bringing Cibdol CBD to the streets of Amsterdam is linked to our vision. In our journey as a company, we have always wanted everyone to experience the fantastic potential of CBD through the consumption of safe and professionally prepared extracts. The Cibdol brand store is a natural progression of this objective. You will have immediate access to our full range of products, and you will be able to have real conversations with people who are passionate about CBD and have a wealth of knowledge about this cannabinoid.

And regarding the opening date, the Cibdol Amsterdam store will open its doors at the end of this year, so stay tuned for more details soon. We can’t wait to announce its grand opening and meet our awesome community in person. For now, our team is working on polishing all the details.

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