Cibdol has attended O’Cannabiz 2018

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Canada’s Leading Exhibition – O’Cannabiz 2018

Held at the Marriott Parq Casino and Resort, just a stone’s throw from the North Shore mountains, O’Cannabiz is billed as Canada’s “largest cannabis business conference”. Spanning three days, it is the culmination of what has been a very exciting and rapidly developing phase for the international cannabis market.

Canada’s recent decision to legalize recreational cannabis is being watched with great anticipation. As the repercussions continue to be felt around the world, many nations want to see how they will regulate and promote the cannabis market in this country.

One area in particular that is becoming very relevant is the research and development of medical marijuana and cannabinoids. Canada’s revolutionary stance on cannabis has made it easier to access research grants and clinical trials. This country is the ideal base of operations for the hundreds of connoisseurs who have attended O’Cannabiz.

O’Cannabiz was loaded with fascinating speeches

During its attendance at the event, Cibdol has heard dozens of keynote addresses. With topics spanning all sectors of the industry, marketing gurus, trailblazing CEOs and leading academics have taken the stage to offer their views. Some of the highlights have been discussions on quality control, brand development, market forecasts, and future business mergers.

Although the keynote speeches have been the main attraction of the event, there have also been hundreds of company booths in the huge exhibition hall. These booths have offered unique opportunities to explore market developments and build relationships with new and exciting partners.

Cibdol brings something unique to the Canadian and North American markets

Cibdol has not attended just as a spectator. Having built the Cibdol brand in over 36 European countries, we know a thing or two about the enormous potential benefits of cannabinoid-infused products. And, most importantly, how to produce a market leading range of CBD.

We also offer something unique to the Canadian and North American markets: a THC-free product. Cibdol focuses exclusively on the strong therapeutic power of CBD. With the help of sophisticated extraction methods and expert technicians in our own Swiss laboratory, Cibdol is delighted that Canada welcomed us with open arms.

We are very grateful to all the people we met and discussed key issues with. Having the opportunity to share what we have learned about CBD is always humbling, as is listening to other experts in the field. To all the people we met and with whom we will have the pleasure of working in the future: thank you!

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