Cibdol changes its range of CBD oils to milligrams (mg)

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How Cibdol currently defines its CBD oils

Our range of CBD oils is growing by the day, so it’s never been easier to experience the power of gold grade CBD extract. Many people rely on the concentration or percentage of CBD per bottle to control their wellness journey.

And while this is a great way to choose the most suitable oil for your needs, it’s not especially helpful if you’re trying to keep an exact record of your daily intake.

Whether you are consuming CBD to enhance general well-being or to alleviate a particular ailment, it is essential to keep track and control the amount you consume. This will not only allow you to optimize your wellness experience, but will also allow you to gradually increase or decrease the dose until you reach the desired effect.

Why it is better to keep track of your CBD intake in milligrams

Without a way to control the amount of CBD consumed, it is difficult to optimize the benefits of this compound. One aspect that makes CBD unique is its ability to work alongside the body, without overburdening it. But to achieve this delicate balance, you’ll need to find your “ideal dose.”

However, each person’s needs and, most importantly, their endocannabinoid system are slightly different. For example, a 5% CBD oil taken three times a day will not have the same impact on all users. So, to make dosing easier, Cibdol is changing its entire range of CBD oils to milligrams (mg).

current description:
CBD Oil 10% — (920mg)

New description:

CBD Oil 10% (1000mg) — (CIBDOL GUARANTEES >1000mg)

CBD Oil 10% (1000mg)

Although the original description was correct (10% of our extract is pure CBD), we are increasing the total amount of CBD per container, while maintaining the same price. By polishing our formula, we have improved the concentration of CBD and we want this to save money for your pocket.

Now it will be easier and more practical to keep track of your CBD intake. The following example shows what you can expect from each bottle thanks to these changes.

• 500mg CBD oil: 2.5mg CBD per drop
• 1000mg CBD oil: 5mg CBD per drop

• 1500mg of CBD oil: 7.5mg of CBD per drop
• 2000mg of CBD oil: 10mg of CBD per drop

• 3000mg of CBD oil: 15mg of CBD per drop
• 4000mg of CBD oil: 20mg of CBD per drop

Cibdol gives you more gold-grade CBD for your money

By improving our formula, switching to milligrams will give you more CBD for your money, as well as more precise dosing. Therefore, we are confident that this is not only a suitable step for our range of CBD oils, but also to achieve our goal of making CBD accessible to all who need it.

Naturally, there will be a transition phase as we transition to the new descriptions and formulas. But rest assured, if a package says it contains 2.5%, 10%, or 40% CBD, that’s exactly what you’re getting; never less.

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