Cibdol at Vitafoods Europe 2017: the nutraceutical event of the year

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We at Cibdol are delighted to announce our participation in Vitafoods Europe 2017! This annual event features the leading international companies in the nutraceutical sector and will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, from May 9 to 11 at the Palexpo exhibition center.

Vitafoods is more than a meeting of the heavyweights of the sector. This unique event encourages exhibitors to do business. Vitafoods Europe encompasses companies from four different sectors of the nutraceutical supply chain. Cibdol will be featured in the “branded and finished goods” category and we will be located at booth N64. Our category includes the companies at the end of the chain, while the remaining categories cover the three preceding sections: Ingredients and Raw Materials, Manufacturing and Labeling, and Services and Equipment.


With the opportunity to showcase our golden CBD oils, Cibdol will have the opportunity to connect with visitors interested in discovering the efficacy of CBD as a dietary supplement. With increased visibility of the power of cannabinoids in the media, we will be able to address consumer questions and concerns, thus dispelling the myths surrounding CBD.


Vitafoods Europe is organized with business volume growth in mind. With more than 18,500 representatives and executives present, the event facilitates professional communication between the parties that interact in the supply chain. That’s why Vitafoods Europe will offer a comprehensive education program that will offer advice to growth-minded companies. This event is a must for any industry member who wants to grow their brand and gain exposure.


Past Vitafoods attendees consider this exhibition to offer a unique opportunity to network with professionals from different backgrounds. More than 88% of the exhibitors confirmed that they created connections that they would not have gotten anywhere else. This is basically because Vitafoods includes companies from more than 115 countries around the world.

On average, exhibitors at Vitafoods events in the past state that they have made 105 professional contacts. In addition, the estimated increase in annual revenue from participation in Vitafoods is almost $400,000 and 67% of exhibitors say the event is the best in the nutraceutical industry.


By including all four sectors of the supply chain, Vitafoods Europe offers a unique opportunity to discuss regulatory complexities and marketing trends surrounding the nutraceutical sector. By listening to a wide variety of respected voices in this sector, the Cibdol team is able to understand the challenges of the industry from different perspectives, allowing our business to grow and progress.


Vitafoods Europe is an eye-opening experience, offering the visitor more than just stands in a pavilion. Instead, there are a number of platforms for exhibitors to showcase revolutionary new products in showrooms, test centers and booths to test new products. In addition, there are a number of side activities for the community, such as a 5K race and an awards ceremony to keep all participants involved throughout the weekend.

We at Cibdol are excited to showcase our CBD oils to the world and help educate the rest of the nutraceutical industry about the incredible potential of CBD as a dietary supplement.

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