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So many different words and finally, do we really know what they are referring to and what are they really?

You will find here a small glossary which will certainly allow you to be able to (re) take stock of these different hemp derivatives as well as their different virtues and specific uses.


From a point of view botanicalit is the same plant!

Culturally, the terms “Marijuana” and “Cannabis” are often associated with recreational consumption.

The denomination “Hemp” on the other hand, is mainly used for therapeutic and industrial purposes.

The term of cannabis has been widely used in recent years to refer to “recreational” hemp Who contains THC. Cannabis with a THC level of more than 0.2% (in France and Europe) is illegal. In Swiss the regulations are a little more flexible and allows a THC level of 1%.

We also started to hear about “cannabis light” more recently, this refers to CBD hemp. CBD products are legal in Europe and Switzerland.

Here you will findother uses of this plant and especially his benefits. For example, the so-called use therapeutic/medicinalfor the construction, the making of fabrics, sound insulation and thermalfrom fuels are made from Hemp. There are also hemp extracts in some food supplements as well as in the cosmetics.


The “Cannabis Sativa L.” is the scientific name which designates the variety of cannabis in general. We find in this large family the industrial hempthe CBD and the recreational cannabis that contains THC.

This plant family is divided into two subfamilies: “Cannabis Sativa L. indica” and “Cannabis Sativa L. Sativa“.

The “Cannabis Sativa L. indica” denotes the recreational cannabis which contains THC. It is prohibited for sale and consumption in Europe.

The “Cannabis Sativa L. Sativa” designates the subfamily of industrial hemp which naturally presents low THC levels and may have a high CBD level. We therefore find the industrial hemp which usually has a very low THC and CBD levels and which is widely used for textile manufacturingas well as the cannabis light or CBDwhich has a very low THC levelbut one high CBD content to manufacture CBD products as on our Online Store.


Odor molecules present in all plantsthey are the basis of smells and tastes (sometimes even colors depending on certain plants).

They still remain highly misunderstood and victims of prejudice from the General public and authorities. Yet the latest studies concerning terpenes show that they could have from beneficial virtues or one entourage effect with certain cannabinoids.



Those are substances naturally produced by hemp each of which has its own qualities. the human body itself produces endocannabinoidswhich present similar physiological effects to those of hemp. Therefore, the consumption of additional cannabinoids can complement our natural production.

THC [Tétrahydrocannabinol]

the THC provides a feeling of “liberation”, the “high” effectin high doses it can even cause paranoia. THC is the main substance sought after in the Cannabis when you want to make one recreational consumption.

the THC is a complex molecule and she was not isolated only belatedly, 1963.

CBD [Cannabidiol]

the second Cannabinoid best known in the Hemp is the CBDoften called “Legal Cannabis” because it does not provide no psychotropic effects or drunkenness.

On the contrary, its use is often linked to the relaxationthe relaxation and CBD medications have also been developed to treat brain disorders.

We say that CBD is an active substance on the body and not on the mind, unlike THC. It acts on the main functions of the human body such as mood, sleep, appetite, relaxation, it has anti-inflammatory properties, antidepressants and is effective against chronic pain.

Many studies study this molecule and its properties. In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a report on CBD and removed it from the list of narcotic substances. Since studies keep coming to take stock of the use we should have of this molecule.

Consumption :
Flowers at smoke or brewoils, e-liquids or food products, capsules, creams, crystals, etc. wide range of products developed around the CBDyou can discover our entire range of products in the store.

Usually consumed in smoked form, it can also be vaporized or taken into food. We think that 70% of molecules are destroyed when combustion.

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