CBD: precautions, interactions and side effects

CBD info

If CBD is not considered dangerous, it must still be subject to precautions like any other substance with active ingredients.

The World Health Organization recommends that this hemp-derived compound not be considered a controlled substance and has concluded that it does not appear to be a product harmful to health.

  • Precautions:
    Products containing CBD (including vape liquids) are prohibited for those under 18. Pregnant women are also advised not to consume CBD-based products as a precautionary principle. The studies carried out so far cannot to date demonstrate the effects of this molecule on pregnancy.
  • Interaction:
    Drug interactions of CBD are possible. They are related to the quantities consumed. It is therefore advisable to consume light doses and to be sparing. Currently, it has not been decided on a maximum daily dose not to be exceeded in order to avoid interactions with other drugs. However, according to some studies, blocking effects on certain drugs could be observed from 25 mg administered orally. Anyone undergoing drug treatment should seek the advice of their doctor before taking CBD.
  • Side effects :
    Depending on the doses consumed and the sensitivity specific to each individual, CBD can have side effects of varying intensity.
    One of the main side effects is dry mouth or mild irritation of the airways. This is particularly the case when CBD is consumed vaporized using an electronic cigarette. These effects are most often diminished when the dose of CBD is reduced.
    Slight drowsiness and/or dizziness have also been observed in some individuals. By reducing the dosage, these effects can also be reduced or eliminated. However, if you notice this inconvenience, it is strongly advised not to drive after consuming CBD.

The many positive effects of CBD can be demonstrated with more certainty through further research. In the meantime, it is important to remember that although this substance is non-toxic and non-psychotropic and does not seem to cause a state of addiction, CBD is not a drug and should not replace medical treatment.

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