CBD oil, new sports supplement?

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It seems that sports and marijuana have a common future. Despite the prejudices, many cannabis users are also competitive and dynamic people, and sports professionals are beginning to rely on marijuana for post-exercise recovery. CBD, THC and other cannabis compounds have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and calming properties, which are finally being applied to the field of sports medicine.


Athletes put their bodies under a lot of stress. After a training session or a competition, they feel tired, sore and even nauseated. They frequently suffer torn ligaments and muscles, broken bones and different types of trauma. A trivial accident could lead to long-term pain, and even lead to early retirement. In the US, cannabis is beginning to treat many of the problems that threaten both professionals and fans of the sport.

A 2011 study by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis found that 52% of former National Football League players used opioids during their careers, and 71% admitted to abusing painkillers. It is believed that at least 50% of current NFL players use medical cannabis. And something similar happens in the National Basketball Association, where it is estimated that 80% of players self-medicate with cannabis derivatives.

This cannabis use by professional athletes is a clever attempt to avoid addiction problems such as those caused by, for example, prescription painkillers. Many NFL players, both retired and active, believe that CBD is an effective alternative, or at least a supplement, to the pain relievers and anti-inflammatories they often take during their careers. Cannabis balms or oils are being used by more and more athletes with traumatic injuries and chronic pain to combat pain and muscle spasticity, and even to help heal broken bones. In the United States and Canada, most people believe that professional players should be able to use non-psychoactive derivatives of cannabis as recovery tools without penalty.


The effective management of chronic pain without side effects is a challenge for patients, athletes and doctors. CBD and THC are proven anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents, and the advantage of CBD is that it can be consumed both before and after exercise, since it does not induce psychotropic effects. The same anti-inflammatory action of CBD and THC could protect the heart, lungs and brain, right after an injury and during its treatment. Reducing muscle spasms is another application of CBD extracts, while the antiemetic effect of this cannabinoid could help athletes reduce nausea.
Finally, the role of CBD in sleep regulation is another interesting effect for athletes. A good night’s sleep is essential for the formation and recovery of muscles. The quality of sleep greatly influences the performance of athletes, and the nerves leading up to an event can lead to sleepless nights. The sedative and relaxing effects of cannabinoids are well known, with many people claiming to benefit from improved sleep patterns and reduced insomnia. CBD-rich hemp-based products are preferred for improving sleep quality, as they provide natural physical and mental recovery.


CBD is a cannabinoid with numerous therapeutic benefits, even in small doses. Athletes understand that CBD from hemp improves pain and injury, inflammation, and muscle spasms, even without the help of prescription drugs. Post-event recovery and the healing process of bruises are shorter, making it possible to return to training earlier. Science continues to advance and is now investigating the neuroprotective effect of CBD on the brain to apply it in the treatment of sports concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

In most countries, the law is partly impeding the future of sports medicine. The main concern of athletes who use cannabis is that its compounds appear in anti-doping controls as false positives. Topical cannabis products, such as oils and salves, do not show up on any drug test, regardless of their CBD/THC ratio, as the skin acts as a barrier that prevents these substances from reaching high concentrations in the bloodstream. . Whether ingested, smoked or vaped, CBD should not cause any problems as it is a legal substance in every country in the world. Enjoy the training!

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