CBD oil for dogs: here’s what to know before buying it

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The beneficial properties of CBD on the human body, the active ingredient contained within cannabis plants. Its characteristics have made it a natural remedy famous all over the world and there have been several researches that have attested to the production of positive effects on humans.

But on animals? Well, it seems that the properties of CBD are beneficial too for dogs.

Cannabidiol contained within the cannabis plant has proved to be an excellent remedy in the treatment of pain, even chronic, such as anxiety. And many scientists speculated that it was also good for dogs, especially CBD oil.

When you see your four-legged friend dull or suffering from a health problem, you would like to be able to relieve his pain. However, anyone who owns a dog knows how difficult it is sometimes to give him drugs and not everyone appreciates chemicals.

But the real question is: CBD is one pain cure or does it just disguise the symptoms?

CBD has made its way into the world as valid natural remedy. An interview published on Huffpost he questioned Mark Verdino, chief of veterinary staff for the North Shore Animal League America, who said there is no definitive answer. However, the individuals who took the CBD product were less responsive to problems such as arthritis or anxiety resulting from a disease.

We must make a premise.

For years, the beneficial qualities of cannabis have been attributed to THC, the active sibling of CBD responsible for the psychoactive effect. In reality, CBD has the same medical benefits as THChowever, it does not cause that classic “high” effect that has led governments around the world to outlaw marijuana containing high levels of THC.

CBD oil contains a very low percentage of THC and therefore could not in any way “get high” the dog.

During the interview, Verdino admitted that he himself used cannabis oil for his dog who was afraid of the dark. Unable to say for sure that it worked, he stated that he helped him a lot by noticing a improvement in behavior.

At the moment the studies are insufficient to have an exhaustive picture of a sector that is rapidly expanding, however Verdino recommends the purchase of quality products.

What is CBD oil?

Before we focus on what is the best CBD oil for dogs, we need to understand what it is and why it has earned a reputation for almost miraculous natural remedy.

The CBDwhose full name is cannabidiol, is one of the most important active ingredients contained within the cannabis plant. The latter contains many components such as vitamins, proteins, minerals, fibers, terpenes, essential fats, flavonoids and cannabinoids such as CBD and THC.

From medical therapies primarily referring to humans, CBD’s properties have found their way up to veterinary field.

Compared to other CBD products, the oil contains the active ingredient in a pure form and at varying concentrations. In fact, there are different types. There are so-called full spectrumwhich contain all the components of the plant mentioned above, or those purewhich contain only CBD isolated from the other substances of the plant such as terpenes, fats and so on.

What dog health problems can you treat with CBD

According to scientific tests developed in recent years, there are numerous ailments of our four-legged friends which can be cured thanks to the properties of CBD.

First of all, we said it is a anti-inflammatory. This means that it is suitable for the treatment of nausea, lack of appetite, anxiety and stress. CBD has the ability to rebalance altered cycles within the body, restoring it to its optimal status.

Exactly as it happens with the human body, CBD also acts on the animal body endocannabinoid system. It is a system consisting of endocannabinoids, ie neurotransmitters present in different areas and tissues. They are therefore found not only in the brain but also in organs, tissues, cells, central and peripheral nervous systems and control functions such as mood, sleep, appetite, fertility and emotions.

The active ingredients contained in the cannabis plant bind to CB-1 and CB-2 receptors. In fact, the body already produces by itself chemicals similar in composition to cannabinoids. Therefore, there are already substances produced by the animal itself.

So why should we turn to an external product like CBD? Because the body does not always produce them or it produces it in insufficient quantities for all physiological cycles to function at their best. This is why CBD helps rebalance the dog’s body, eliminating the problem and not just limiting the symptoms.

CBD, according to many scientists, is anticonvulsant. What does it mean? CBD treatment for epileptic dogs is becoming increasingly popular and several dog owners have confirmed an improvement in their pet’s health. CBD calms pain and controls seizures due to seizures.

Scientific data in this field are currently being collected atAKC Canine Health Foundationsponsored by Colorado State University.

Are there any health risks for the dog? What are the unwanted effects?

Cannabidi CBD oil for dogs

Since studies are still scarce on this subject, it has not been established with certainty whether possible side effects exist caused by CBD. Being a natural remedy, it is less likely than chemicals to cause a negative reaction in the body.

No reference dosage has yet been set for animals. The advice of the experts is always that of start with a low dosage and then increase until the desired results are achieved.

When it comes to medical cannabis it’s always good ask your trusted veterinarian for adviceespecially if the animal is already taking drugs to treat a disease or if it suffers from particular intolerances.

However, from the few studies that have been conducted on dogs, some mild side effects such as drowsiness in response to the calming effect of the product, lowering of blood pressure in case of high doses of CBD, dry mouth due to reduced saliva production, diarrhea or headache.

We remind you that if you want to prevent these consequences from happening, it is better always start with a reduced dosage and monitor the animal to understand what its reaction is.


The growing interest in legal cannabis derivatives is justified by properties of its active ingredientCBD, which combine to such an extent with the processes of living organisms that they can solve many of the ailments that humans and animals suffer from on a daily basis.

Cannabidiol helps to control mood, appetite, sleep dysfunctions and to control tics, spasms, tremors and real convulsions that many dogs suffer from in old age. CBD oil it acts naturally on the organism of dogs and for this reason the side effects, even if they did occur, would be very rare and minor.

Although it is a principle extracted from a plant, it is always good consult your vet before making a purchase. Abuse, in whatever field it is carried out, never leads to positive results. Your vet will be able to advise you on the right dosage to administer to your four-legged friend.

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