CBD oil for animals: is it good for you?

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CBD oil and its effects

In recent years, the trend towards consumption of CBD-based substances is growing rapidly. Numerous studies have in fact shown how the consumption of cannabidiol (CBD) has one series of therapeutic effects for the human organism.

And our four-legged friends? Do they also receive the same beneficial effects? In other words: Is CBD for Pets Good for You? In this article we will try to answer this and many other questions what could you do on the subject, are you ready? Let’s start!

Before going into the details of the characteristics of CBD oil for animals, it is good to make one general overview of its effects and why of its therapeutic qualities. We have already addressed this topic in many articles, then we will go fast enough. If you have not read the previous articles, here is a useful link to learn more about what we will briefly say below.

The CBDunlike THC, it is not classified as a psychotropic substance and therefore has no psychoactive properties. It therefore does not alter the consumer’s mental state and it is not addictive. It usually comes extract from the quality of hemp called sativa through a CO2 process which allows it to be distilled in a simple and completely natural way.

Several scientific researches prove its effectiveness such as:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • painkiller
  • remedy for insomnia
  • remedy for ailments such as depression
  • anxiolytic

There method of recruitment most common and effective is that of CBD oilswhich come through the digestive system absorbed in their totality. CBD oil for animals is also the only mode of intake usually used for our four-legged friends.

But how can a single substance bring all these benefits?

Mode of action of CBD oil

All mammals, including pets, have a internal system called endocannabinoidwhich deals with regulate mood, pain and others physiological functions. Maybe you don’t know, but also your body produces endogenous cannabinoids and the same thing do those of our pets.

When endocannabinoids they bind to specific receptorsthe body reacts influencing mood and some physiological perceptions such as ache and it stress. Here is the reason for all of these therapeutic properties that have only been discovered in recent years.

But let’s go back to the main topic of the article.

Is CBD for pets good for you?

The question is legitimate, but the answer is very simple: yes! As well as that for man, CBD oil for animals has several benefits. The therapeutic properties are the same as CBD oil has on us.

It therefore works excellently for fight the stress and anxiety of the animalbut also for relieve pain and promote the general well-being of your body. CBD oils for animals are purified oils, therefore they lack the other terpenes of cannabis within them.

Is CBD for Pets Good for You?

Crude and purified oils

The CBD oilsindeed, they are distinguished in purified and raw: purified CBD oils are naturally processed in order to eliminate fats, chlorophyll and other chemicals unwanted and, compared to the raw one, have a lighter color and a more natural fragrance. CBD oils roughinstead, they retain all the terpenes of cannabisassuming a characteristic green colour and appearing much denser.

Specific uses for animals

Especially in dogs and cats, CBD oil for animals is very suitable as a pain reliever and anticonvulsant, can control tremors, tics or spasms. Another often overlooked factor is the anxiety that can affect our pets, such as travel or separation anxiety. A lot of research has shown than CBD oil for animals it can temporarily increase serotonin levels, so as to act as an anxiolytic.

The oils are completely natural, and do not present so side effects. It is, however abuse not recommended in order not to incur the same slight contraindications that people find:

  • loss of appetite and weight
  • dehydration
  • fatigue and dry mouth

Is CBD for pets good for you? Yes, but in the right doses. Don’t worry though, we are here on purpose to point them out to you.

CBD for animals

Before going further, we would like to clarify that it is really difficult to overdo it to such an extent as to incur undesirable effects. Often, CBD-based substances are even an integral part of some veterinary therapies and they are 100% safe. However, as we all know, prudence is never too much. Here because we advise you to always consult your trusted veterinarian before starting to administer CBD pet oils.

Now let’s get to the heart: the oil comes usually administered orally, you need to use the dropper to insert them directly into your pet’s mouth. Often this could be difficult, but a great solution would be to mix the drops with their food.

Need always start with low dosages and then gradually rise. The recommended doses are one drop for every 500 grams of foodor one drop every 4.5 kilos body weight, once a day for a whole week.

After the first week it is possible to bring the dosage to twice a daythus increasing only the frequency of administration and not the doses.

The positive effect CBD oil for animals, on our pet friends, should be evident from their behavior and mood. When you see that your dear Fuffi is cheerful and relaxed, it means that you have found the right dosage.

Where to buy CBD oils for animals

There are a number of very good CBD pet oils. We, like Cannabidi, use an oil of the highest purity, without the addition of artificial flavors or preservatives. Many times it is possible for CBD oils to come added flavorings to beef or fish flavor and are classified as “for animals”. However, the active ingredient remains the same, while quality and purity of the productinevitably decrease.

Our choice is therefore that of keep the oil as “clean” as possible, avoiding adding additives and artificial flavors that could, in the long run, damage the health of the animal. If you want to know more and try to help your pets you can visit our shop!

We hope this article was useful to you, if you are interested in the world of legal cannabis and CBD check out our blog! You will find all the latest news and useful articles to guide you in this new and fascinating world. Soon!

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