CBD legal or not?

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CBD legal or not?

Want to buy CBD but don’t know the laws about it?

In France and Europe, you can buy and consume CBD completely legally!
On the other hand, cannabis is prohibited because it contains a THC level greater than 0.2%.
the CBD and the THC are both part of the family of cannabinoids, it is for this reason that there is much confusion.

Since 2011, the CBD application increases more and more !
The CBD consumers have adopted the hemp without THC in order to stop smoking, cannabis, to relieve their pain or to solve their problem of insomnia.
Following this notoriety which continues to increase, the United States decided in April 2018 to put in place a law on agriculture.
Thus, the hemp cultivation is allowed as long as it contains no more than 0.2% THC.
Europe, which wants to follow the example of the United States, is therefore trying to change its position and is starting to carry out scientific studies on the subject.

Is CBD legal in France?

First, know that there are mainly two kinds of hemp in agriculture.
The marijuana and the hashish which are considered drugs.
Then the hemp which is used in textiles, construction and food, in this case, the THC level is not high.
It is therefore necessary to know how to make the difference in order to understand the french legislation.

In the decree of August 22, 1990, we find article R.5132-86 of the public health code, it is one of the first texts on the subject of CBD legislation.
He indicates ; that the CBD must be from a variety of cannabis sativa, and that the products cannabidiol must have a THC level of less than 0.2%, it must also be certified by an independent and specialized laboratory.
However at that time, it is mainly used for industrial purposes, we do not take into account the consumption therapeutic Where recreational.

Today, after a long legal vagueness on the subject, the CBD is better framed and understanding is different.
We finally understand that CBD is not not a psychoactive element and that is not not a drug.
Contrary to cannabis, it has no effect euphoriant neitheraddiction.
We even find him therapeutic effects and soothing virtues.
There is even a WHO report from 2017 which clearly explains that the CBD does not present any harmfulness to health, they also planned to do new research on the subject.

At that time, it is therefore considered that the french legislation is too restrictive regarding the CBD, especially in comparison with other European countries.
This leads to a complete questioning of the French regulations.
The Court of Cassation, the Senate and the National Assembly decide to relax the CBD regulations while ensuring consumer safety and the quality of CBD products.

On November 19, 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union decides to render illegal the prohibition of CBD.
which encourages the CBD shops to develop their business.
They can thus freely sell all kinds of CBD products, from CBD oils and capsules, from flowers and CBD resin, from foodstuffs based on CBD, drinks with CBD, confectionery with CBD, CBD infusions, from CBD liquids for electronic cigarette and even products CBD cosmetics.

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Our CBD products respect the french legislation, in fact, they contain about 7% CBD and have a rate of less than 0.2% THC.

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