CBD herbal teas: the main differences

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In recent years, CBD has been a widely studied molecule, the scientific community has expressed itself positively about the benefits it can bring.
Many companies are creating different products to allow the consumer to choose the way of recruitment that best suits his needs.
It is widely recognized that one method of taking CBD that is free of contraindications is absorption through the digestion process.

Many companies have placed products for food consumption with cbd on the market. Let’s clarify which products are truly effective and which ones use CBD only as a commercial gimmick without effective feedback from a beneficial point of view.

CBD herbal teas: the main differences

Lovers of herbal teas and infusions certainly will not have missed the opportunity to try herbal teas with CBD.

Hemp infusions

Most of the products marketed as CBD herbal teas or CBD infusions are composed of chopped leaves, stems and seeds of industrial hemp with a CBD content ranging between 0.03% and 0.05%. The percentage is so low as these components of the plant are poorer in CBD than the inflorescences.

Let’s do a little calculation to understand how much CBD is actually taken by consuming this type of product.
To make a cbd herbal tea or a cbd infusion it takes approximately 2 grams of loose product.
Taking into account the percentages just indicated, the quantity of CBD actually taken by the consumer is approximately 1 mg.

Herbal teas with cbd in traditional filter

Another type of CBD infusions or herbal teas currently on the market are traditional filters. They contain on average 2 grams of chopped herb mixes per single filter. Therefore, if the blend consisted solely of cannabis, we would have a CBD concentration of around 1 mg. Alternatively, if the blend consists of multiple herbs including chamomile, echinacea, etc. the amount of CBD taken cannot exceed 0.1 mg per filter.

Another important factor to consider is that CBD, like all cannabinoids, is fat soluble. If we don’t add some butter or milk to our drink, the CBD will not be released into the drink.

Herbal tea with cbd oil

The most effective type of herbal tea with CBD is undoubtedly the one with CBD oil.

In this case, CBD oil is added to the blend of beneficial elements. The amount of CBD will be stable in each individual filter. There is no need to add any oily components to release the CBD into the drink, as it is released into the herbal tea as soon as the filter is immersed in hot water.

Currently, on the market, there are 2 types of herbal teas with CBD oil, they differ from each other for the filter used: pyramidal filter and traditional filter.

Herbal teas with cbd in pyramidal filter

In the first case, the mixture of elements that compose it (flowers, fruits, roots, etc …) are placed in a pyramid-shaped filter. Thanks to its three-dimensional shape, it provides the ingredients with the necessary space to rehydrate and enrich the herbal tea with the precious fragrances of each single ingredient.

In the second case, since the dimensions of the filter are reduced, the producers are forced to chop the elements and in this way the released active ingredients are effective, while the organoleptic properties are reduced compared to the pyramidal filter.

We can therefore state that CBD herbal teas with CBD Oil are a product of a completely different category compared to classic hemp-based infusions or herbal teas, as both the organoleptic and therapeutic properties are far superior.

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