CBD and saliva test: Is cannabidiol detected by police tests?

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The saliva tests of the police are used todetect the presence of THC in the blood. As you surely know, some products Cannabis-dominant CBD contain traces of THC (0.3% maximum according to European law).

So thecan saliva tests come out positive after consuming CBD ?

CBD, also called cannabidiol, is a molecule which is part of the family of Cannabinoids. It means that this molecule is present naturally in the plants of cannabis and that it activates the cannabinoid receptors in the human body and mammals in general.

According to theWHO (World Health Organization) Where the independent foundation “Addiction Switzerland”, or many other scientists who have studied the subject seriously, CBD is no longer considered a psychotropic product.

the THC, Where Tetrahydrocannabinol, is also a molecule of the cannabinoid family. Its effect, on the other hand, is very different from CBD and this molecule is classified among the psychotropics. It’se THC which is responsible for the “high” effect classic cannabis.

It’s in 2017 what’WHO withdrew cannabis-dominant CBD of list of psychoactive substances, launching at the same time the opening of many specialized shops throughout Europe.

In Swiss, the government has decided to authorize the marketing of Cannabis with a THC concentration of less than 1%.

In France and in the rest of Europe the legislation is a little stricter and the THC level allowed in CBD products is 0.3%.

Knowing that the ratio between CBD level and THC level is generally 1 for 30, we can therefore deduce the maximum CBD levels for these regions:

In Swiss : With a maximum of 1% THC, the CBD rate should be around 30% max.
In France : With a maximum of 0.3% THC, the CBD rate should be around 9% max.

How do saliva tests work?

The French police has two types of saliva tests : the THC tests who only identify the presence of THC and therefore the consumption of cannabis; and the multi-drug tests, which can detect the presence in saliva of other drugs in addition to THC:
* – Amphetamines (including ecstasy or methamphetamine)
* – Crack or cocaine
* – The heroine
* – Codeine and other opiates

Those saliva tests have a “functioning by competition“, they are also called “o-chromatographic immunoassay“. This means that these tests work through an antibody/antigen reaction and that the result is very fast (5 minutes). This test technology is also used in COVID self-tests.

Their functioning in more detail is quite complex, but we can to sum up so :

The test strip that receives saliva has specific antibodies Who bind to a desired particle if present in saliva. Yes the desired substance is not present, the antibodies attach to a colored band of the test.

Thus, on the saliva tests of the French police, a second band appears if it is negative (no trace of drugs was found), a single colored band appears if the test is positive (traces of drugs were found).

When can the police use or require a saliva test?

In France, police forces can use the saliva test in several scenarios:
– In road accident case resulting in bodily injury or material damage
– In case of traffic violation
– In case of suspicion, if the police believe that the motorist has used drugs
– Yes the prosecutor decided to set up a screening operation during a special event.

It should be noted that since the adoption of new saliva tests in 2017, the police may request the use of a test without prior reason, even without violation.

He is strongly advised against refusing to submit to the saliva test, in effect the penalties provided in case of refusal are also heavy only for a positive test!

Traces of THC in your CBD products

As mentioned above, in the first part of this article, the CBD suppliers can offer products with a THC level of 0.3% in Europe and 1% in Switzerland.

Even with such a low rate, it is possible that your CBD consumption triggers a saliva test. This is generally true in two cases:

– If you have heavy consumption of CBD and the 0.3% THC present has accumulated in your body.
– Yes you have just administered a dose of CBD before the test.
In the first scenario, the second test also likely to come out positive. However in the second scenario, the waiting time between the two tests can work in your favor in some cases…

CBD without any trace of THC?

On our online store, you will find many CBD products with a THC concentration of 0%. These products are particularly recommended to people who does not do not support the consumption of THC Where For sportive people for muscle recovery.

If you are interested, I recommend our CBD oil in broad spectrum extraction which has a THC concentration of 0%. Sixty8 broad spectrum CBD oil
Sixty8 recommends you however of do not consume CBD before driving, this substance can cause drowsiness…

Unscrupulous CBD Suppliers

On our store, for all our CBD products that may contain THC, you will find on the product sheet a laboratory analysis with all detailed information on CBD and THC levels.

Our CBD levels may seem low compared to the competition, because we do not give you distorted rates by adding CBDa and CBD for example or by boosting the level of CBD with additives.

Some unscrupulous online merchants display, in fact, CBD levels of 15 – 20% on their products, whereas we have seen above that it is totally impossible to be achieved with a THC level of 0.3%.

New tests to differentiate between CBD and THC

In Swiss where the legislation is a little more flexible (rate of 1% THC max) the police have rapid tests for differentiate in a few tens of seconds a pouch of cannabis CBD and a bag of cannabis THC.

For these tests, no saliva, or any other unsavory bodily fluid: simply place a few strands of the product to be tested in the small sachet plastic, the bag is squeezed to release reactants. We shaken, and in a few tens of seconds, the test result is ready !

I put you a short video of the Obs below to see these tests in action!

In early 2021 in France, a government decree implemented with the collaboration of MILDECA, was intended toban the CBD flower trade. The main argument put forward by this decree was the fact that it is very difficult for law enforcement to tell the difference between CBD-dominant Cannabis and illegal THC Cannabis.

Recently, this decree was suspended by the Council of State. Maybe we will soon see these tests in France…

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