CBD and driving: is it dangerous?

CBD info

CBD (cannabidiol), is a cannabinoid found naturally in hemp. Its marketing and consumption are legal in France as well as within the European Union. Even if the demand increases and CBD is more talked about, some still confuse it with THC which is a completely different molecule. Indeed, CBD does not cause intoxication or dependence unlike THC.

While driving, it is strictly forbidden to be under the influence of THC or other narcotics. But what about CBD while driving?

What are the effects of CBD?

Today the benefits of CBD are still being studied, but this promising molecule could already have helped many people on a physical or mental level. Cannabidiol could reduce pain caused by certain diseases. It would be effective in helping to reduce smoking or to better support smoking cessation. Thanks to its anti-anxiolytic properties, it could help anxious or stressed people to loosen. Also, it would allow to find a better sleep.

The consumption of CBD does not present no health hazard, but the intensity of the effects may be different depending on the consumer’s metabolism. If you want to optimize your experience, you can Contact us here in order to get a personalized support !

The effects also differ depending on the form of CBD which you choose. Oil, flowers, infusions and e-liquids offer different effects, intensity and duration. This is why each consumer will be able to find the mode of consumption that suits him best.

Can you drive after consuming CBD?

Even if the consumption of CBD does not present a danger when you are driving, you must be careful. If you are a novice consumer, we advise you to analyze your reactions over the long term before attempting to take the car.

If you consume a lot of CBD flowers, there is a risk of being positive in the saliva test even if they contain less than 0.2% THC. You can use our Kleaner mouth spray in order to clean the residual traces of THC from your body (be careful, this is only thought for CBD products). With a normal consumption, CBD oil should be more suitable for driving than CBD flowers.

If you want to be sure that the tiny traces of THC disappear from your body before driving, you have to wait at least 6 hours.

In summary, if you have a reasonable CBD consumption, there is no danger on the road or risk of testing positive for the saliva test. However, be careful!

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