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cannabis light: lawful for sale and use

A sentence of the sixth criminal section of the Supreme Court of January 31, 2019 finally manages to remove any doubts about the possible use of the cannabis light.
All products on the market with a concentration of THC within the limits established by law, or with less than 0.6%, are decreed legal, and therefore not subject to possible preventive seizures.
The sentence was made necessary due to an indictment of a farmer who had been confiscated an entire plantation. The law of years ago in fact forbade its cultivation at all. But if we take into consideration what is declared by the new laws of three years ago when the Thc is less than 0.6%, we are not liable to report nor to seizure because they fall within the terms of the law.
The Macerata Review therefore had to release and eliminate the complaint against a 28-year-old who had placed cannabis inflorescences on the market which, however, had a quantity of Thc inside them equal to 0.2%, therefore much lower than what is imposed as a limit. . Throughout its cultivation there was no type of breach of current regulations. In fact, few know that growing cannabis is no longer considered a crime if you follow simple rules, that is, those dictated by current law.

Requirements for growing Cannabis Sativa

– the index of the active ingredient Thc must not exceed 0.6%,
– whoever activates the cultivation must keep all the documents that ascertain the origin of the seeds,
– at any time the grower must be able to show to those who request them all the purchase invoices for the seeds and demonstrate that the quantity purchased and the plants grown can coincide. If the quantity of the plantation were to be greater, it could at that point be subject to denunciation; according to what was declared in the sentence of the Supreme Court, it had to be obvious that a person can grow cannabis if it complies with the regulations in force. But the point that was still not well defined was another: the problem could not find a solution because the review court wanted to convict the boy for having made propaganda for the sale of his cannabis buds on social networks.
But of course also in this case the sentence of the Supreme Court, in addition to shedding light on the question, also gave a logically sensible answer. If you authorize free cultivation and also give it the opportunity to trade it, it also becomes obvious that you can advertise it. The boy was proposing the sale of a legal product and was not even giving the wrong suggestions on use. It should also be remembered that this step towards the legalization of cannabis was taken in order to help people who might need this active ingredient for their health. We think of all the patients who could use its property as a neurotransmitter, or who could use it to overcome anxiety and insomnia. If the active ingredient does not exceed 0.6%, it has no psychotropic effect and cannot absolutely cause damage.

Products with CBD on the market

There are currently many products on the market with high CBD and THC content within the limits permitted by law: from drinks to biscuits or herbal teas. However, it was not yet clear until today how it could work for the artisanal sale of farmers who take the products of their land and make dry preparations with the tops and sell the raw material, which will then be used by the customer at his complete discretion.
Therefore for the cassation any cultivation that respects the laws and can prove it with the regular documentation is completely legal. In the event that the documents that are examined may give suspicion of alteration or in any case when you are not sure of the origin of the starting seeds, then it is possible to activate a preventive seizure until the investigation is completed.

Finally, clarity has been made

The use of products with a Thc of less than 0.6% is completely legal, you can also use dried buds at complete personal discretion without having to make special declarations. All this finally from January 31, 2019 also has a sentence of the Court of Cassation to appeal to in case you find yourself involved in similar situations. There are very few rules to be respected in order to be in compliance with the use, consumption and cultivation of cannabis that has been renamed light, which has all the therapeutic advantages of the original one but not the amount of active ingredient that would make it hallucinogenic.

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