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Definition of cannabis light

It defines itself cannabis lightor even legal cannabis, a cannabis variety that features a extremely low THC percentageso as to eliminate the psychotropic effects.

In Italy, the THC reference values ​​that make a cannabis light plant legal are between 0.2% and 0.5%. At this concentration of THC the consumption of light cannabis does not present any contraindications for health and indeed, several recent studies show how the consumption of legal cannabis can have several beneficial effects thanks to its high concentration of CBD.

Why is CBD important?

The CBDalso called cannabidiol, is one of the substances found within hemp plants and is present in high concentrations in the different varieties of legal cannabis. Until a few years ago, studies on light cannabis were few and the interesting properties of CBD were therefore little known. However, thanks to the development of the legal cannabis trade, the attention towards CBD and its beneficial effects has been gradually increasing.

Currently several studies show how CBD has no psychoactive effect and harbors instead numerous benefits to the immune system and to the organism. It is thanks to CBD that legal cannabis is considered to have a wide variety of therapeutic effects, so much so that it is extremely versatile. In recent years they have been developed numerous CBD products which have proved extremely useful in the most disparate forms.

CBD, and consequently the consumption of cannabis light, has been shown through various scientific studies to have different properties, including: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and antipsychotic properties.

The different forms of CBD

As you have understood by now, CBD is a substance extremely versatile and fromhigh therapeutic value. Thanks to these qualities they have been developed different types of products which can be used in the most diverse cases. It is possible to find oils, herbal teas, eliquids, crystals and capsules all based on CBD on the market.

The products deriving from the processing of legal cannabis differ from each other in percentage of concentration and mode of intake and are specifically indicated for different situations. If you are interested in learning more about these topics, we recommend that you visit ours blog within the site, with several articles dedicated to the legal cannabis and the different uses of CBD.

How can i trust?

The benefits of cannabis light and CBD described above are not a simple trick to entice you to buy but they are based on solid scientific research you can find yourself again with a short online search. Many extremely reliable warheads, including the New York Times have dedicated several articles to discovering the therapeutic properties of legal cannabis and products based on CBD.

The world of light cannabis is waiting to be discovered and research on its possible therapeutic applications continues unabated. Scientific evidence has already shown that taking CBD even in large quantities has no side effects. The use of legal cannabis is so safe and also medically recommended for the treatment of certain diseases and conditions.

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The different varieties of light cannabis

From a scientific and botanical point of view, the main distinction between the different types of cannabis comes from a 1785 study by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. The French naturalist carried out a study on the amazing effects of Cannabis coming from two different regions, that of the Middle East and that coming from the equatorial areas. The results led to the distinction still in use today between Cannabis Sativa And Cannabis Indica. The two types have peculiar characteristics that define not only the psychoactive effects but also the phenotype.

Speaking of legal cannabis it is right to underline that this is classified as Cannabis Sativa and therefore with a low THC content and high CBD levels.

The consumption of cannabis light it is especially indicated for people with a hectic lifestyle who can often be subjected to stress. Legal cannabis helps reduce anxiety, stress and also effective against insomnia.

Different strains and buds are available with different CBD levels, properties and different flavors. The invitation is therefore that of to experiment to be able to find the perfect cannabis light for you and your needs!

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