Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum: CBD Extraction

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the CBD is one of main active substances of hemp. This is moreover increasingly popular and increasingly used. In today’s market, CBD comes in a wide range of productsincluding CBD oil.

Some characteristics of this product can be confusing when purchasing, in particular “the spectrum of oil“. Don’t worry, we won’t talk no ghostsbut extraction processes used to make CBD oil.
To help you see more clearly, we take stock in this article.

How do you get CBD oil?

If we often hear the terms “full spectrum” and “broad spectrum” (or “complete spectrum” and “wide spectrum” in French) when we talk about CBD oil, we do not always know from where it comes and what it corresponds to.

To better understand these mentions, it is necessary to look at the design of a CBD oil as well as its different characteristics…

CBD oil: what are the different extraction processes?

To produce a CBD oil, it is first necessary to extract the cannabidiol molecule present in the hemp plant. To do this, it is possible to proceed in several ways (be careful however, it is important to note that the chosen method will confer a different efficiency and purity to the product).

The different CBD extraction processes are as follows:
• Extraction based onoil ;
• Extraction based on solvent ;
• Extraction with supercritical CO2.

=> What is oil-based extraction?
The first is the most common, it has the advantage of being simple and fast, without chemicals. However, with this method, the cannabidiol content is lower and the shelf life less. Nevertheless, it makes it possible to create an edible oil suitable for personal use.

=> What is solvent-based extraction?
The second is cheap and suitable for small producers. However, it is not edible and the use of solvents entails a risk of explosion which should not be overlooked.

=> What is Supercritical CO2 extraction?
Finally, the third is the most advanced way to extract CBD from hemp to create a very pure oil. This requires very complex and expensive equipment.

What is the spectrum of a CBD oil?

the spectrum of a CBD oil is essential information to know its quality and its effects.

As you probably already know, hemp contains several active molecules:
• The cannabinoids : The best known are THC and CBD, however there are many others;
The terpenes : At the origin of the perfumes and flavors of the plant;
• The flavonoids : At the origin of the brown, red and blue tints of the flowers.
The presence or absence of these molecules in the composition of the oil will therefore influence its spectrum and its effects. But what spectra are we talking about?
• The full-spectrumWhere full spectrum : when an oil contains all the active compounds derived from hempwe then speak of a full spectrum oil (it is an oil of optimal quality, more effective thanks to the entourage effect which we will talk about a little further down in this article);
• The broad-spectrumWhere broad spectrum : a broad spectrum oil contains almost all of the active molecules of hemp, except THC (thus, people sensitive to this cannabinoid should favor an oil that does not contain any);
L’isolate : an isolate oil will only contain cannabidiol and no other hemp compounds.

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Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum: What’s the Difference?

The major difference to note between thefull-spectrum extraction and broad-spectrum lies in the presence of THC or not in the product.

In the first case (full spectrum oil), we find all the active molecules of hemp ; in the second (Broad Spectrum Oil), there is all cannabinoids except THC.

How to know which one to favor ?

Focus onfull-spectrum extraction.

Why choose a full spectrum CBD oil?

As we saw earlier, the extraction full-spectrum is to extract all the molecules of hemp to find them in CBD oil.

This combination causes the phenomenon known as “entourage effect” (explanations a little further down). Furthermore, the full spectrum requires a less refinement process.

Why the presence of all cannabinoids in cbd oil is it more interesting for the consumer?

Well, many scientific researches have shown that these molecules interact between them to offer a enhanced effect during its consumption. If this subject interests you, we invite you to inquire about the work of Dr Ethan Russo, psychopharmacologist researcher who lead several studies on the entourage effect.

Thus, people wishing to benefit from an optimal effect by ingesting CBD oil will have every interest in turning to a full spectrum oil.

Without a doubt, the best products available on the CBD market : the full spectrum oils, designed and selected by our teams and our expert laboratory, present a impeccable quality to allow you to enjoy of the best effects of hemp with just a few drops.

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Why choose a broad spectrum oil?

If all serious CBD producers offer both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oils, there’s a reason!

The broad spectrum oils without THCaddress a category ofusers who still want to enjoy the entourage effect of the many cannabinoids present in the oil, but without risking having traces of THC in the blood.

These oils are therefore mainly intended for people who do not tolerate THC wellto athletes for muscle recovery effects after a session and to people who do not take no risk of control by the authorities.

Indeed, with a 0% THC contentno discomfort related to the use of THC, no doping control problem for athletes and no chance of being tested THC-positive during a roadside check, for example.

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Surrounding effect: quezako?

Discovered only in 1998L’entourage effectalso called overall effect, is a principle that describes the interaction between all the molecules of hemp to achieve different effects. The hemp compounds and the endocannabinoid system of the consumer therefore work in synergy to produce the final effect felt when taking cannabis or CBD.

The entourage effect is based on three mechanisms :

1. Compounds cling to multiple receivers of our body to enhance cannabinoid effects ;
2. A molecule can have a influence on the movement of another in the body ;
3. Compounds act together to eliminate or reduce possible adverse effects.

Knowing the overall effect is a definite advantage when choosing a CBD oil. Indeed, you will be able to choose an oil adapted according to its cannabinoid profile, its extraction process, and according to the desired effect.

To conclude, before choose a CBD oilyou need to set the type of use you will make of it. Depending on this, you can then focus on the main criteria to choose well, namely: the THC level, the percentage of CBDthe product tastebut also the extraction method.

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