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You also suffer from belly cramps, nausea, persistent kidney pain and headache during the period? It is an extremely common condition in a more or less severe form.

For the great majority of women in the world, menstruation not only brings with it the nuisance of discharge, but also a general malaise that invalidates them in all their daily activities. Sometimes menstrual pains are so severe that the sufferer has to stop everything they are doing to lie down.

In fact, according to the various statistics collected in the medical field, it seems that 85% of women suffer from menstrual pain of variable entity and even a 15% suffer from it in such severe form not to be able to go to school if in school age or to work if an adult.

Unfortunately, a woman cannot stop taking care of her profession, family and home just because she is suffering from menstrual pain. This is the common conception, as if the woman were forced to endure just for the fact that she was born a woman.

Hence, in order to fulfill all daily duties, many resort to painkillers purchased at a pharmacyoften with poor results or having to deal with new and different side effects.

Following the slow but progressive legitimacy of legal cannabis in Europe as well as in many other states of the world including, in particular, the United States, science has sought alternative and more natural methods of treatment.

The results led to consider a new but not unknown marriage, that is menstrual pains and \ CBD to counteract them. Cannabis was already used thousands of years ago for its healing properties.

Let’s find out why there has been a return to talk of menstrual pain and CBD oil.

What do menstrual pains cause

Menstruation brings with it a whole host of highly disabling ailments for women who suffer from it. First of all, we start from premenstrual syndrome – so called because the symptoms present themselves in a milder form – characterized by significant mood swings and any other physiological discomforts, up to the point of real menstrual pain during losses.

This condition is caused by theuterus contracting due to the release of prostaglandinsmolecules produced by the body during physiological processes, and which leads to various complications such as pain in the abdomen and kidneys, a feeling of tiredness and exhaustion up to even very serious symptoms such as cramps and migraines.

When these symptoms manifest themselves in a severe form, scientifically we speak of dysmenorrhea. At this point the pains are chronic and detrimental to one’s life. The women who suffer from it and which we have said to be 15% – even if it seems that almost all women experience it at least once in their life – are forced to stay in bed for a few days waiting for the menstrual cycle to take its course and that the symptoms gradually disappear.

Obviously it is not just a physical discomfort because, in addition to the pain felt, this disorder forces those who suffer from it to isolate yourself and feel helpless because he is unable to carry out even the simplest activities such as walking or listening to someone talking.

Whether it is dysmenorrhea or in the case of the milder PMS, affected women are found alone in dealing with emotional abyss, mood swings, nervousness, intolerance as well as all the physical pains that prevent him from even sitting at his desk. This is why scientists have carried out specific studies on menstrual pain and CBD oil.

Why do many scientists say CBD can help beat menstrual pain?

Before understanding why this natural substance can prove useful for menstrual pain, let’s try to understand what is CBD.

The CDB, or cannabidiol, is the most famous active ingredient found in the hemp plant. There are numerous cannabinoids in it, however only two have earned international fame.

The first to have attracted the attention of scientists is the THCpowerful active ingredient but with a mole, that is the fact of procuring a psychoactive response in the human body, the classic feeling of high.

Hence, scientists have begun to orient themselves towards the CBDalso rich in beneficial properties but without the psychoactive component. For decades, CBD has been tested in the treatment of pain, even chronic, resulting from numerous and varied pathologies.

Cannabidiol has been shown to interact with endocannabinoid system, a biological system present in the human body that produces chemical substances with a composition similar to those present within the hemp plant. The system in question is responsible for regulating physiological and cognitive processes such as mood, appetite, sleep and even pain.

We have said that cramps and pangs result from the release of prostaglandins. To combat these symptoms, many women resort to so-called NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The latter can actually reduce the inflammation and pain experienced during your period, but they can give side effects of other types, especially gastrointestinal.

Scientists studied both NSAIDs and CBD and found that cannabidiol manages to regulate the production of prostaglandins like the medicines just mentioned, but without causing contraindications. As the molecules are reduced, pain and inflammation automatically decrease as well.

This explains why menstrual pain and CBD oil are increasingly being referred to as a couple.

What are the greatest benefits CBD can give you

menstrual pain and CBD oil

Let’s review all the properties of CBD for menstrual pain, starting with that pain reliever. There are numerous scientific tests that have declared the effectiveness of cannabidiol for the treatment of pain, even chronic. Not only with regard to menstrual pain but also for very aggressive forms such as arthritis pain.

Let’s continue with the second best known property, that one anti-inflammatory. Thanks to the interaction with the endocannabinoid system present in our body, CBD is particularly suitable for treating any inflammations. We speak in particular of the products full spectrum that they contain not only CBD, but also all the other naturally occurring components within the hemp plant such as minerals, proteins, vitamins, fibers, other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and even essential fats.

Among the other properties of CBD, we can also mention that anti stress and anxiolytic. Many women with PMS or dysmenorrhea tend to get agitated, anxious, and stressed out because they can’t do everything they want to. CBD therefore has a calming and relaxing effect.

Let’s not forget that it also has effect on moodalways regulated by the endocannabinoid system, and we know how sudden and annoying mood swings are during the menstrual cycle.

The same goes for the sleep regulation. Menstrual pains are often so annoying that they even spoil sleep, and CBD can help with that too.

But at this point a doubt arises: CBD and birth control pill can they be taken at the same time? There are still no certain studies on the subject also because it is good to know that there are numerous types of pills. In general, CBD does not interact with the intake of contraceptives, but it could give problems with those based on estrogen. In this case, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

What are the products that contain CBD

menstrual pain and CBD oil

There are many CBD-based products on the market, having spread considerably after its legalization in Italy. It is important to know that i legal products must contain less than 0.5% THC, while CBD can also be purchased in a very pure form. Let’s find out what the main products are:

  • CBD oil: the most appreciated product (we anticipated it talking about menstrual pain and CBD oil) is the one that, obtained from a full spectrum extraction of cannabinoids, has properties that isolated oils or crystals do not have since they amplify the characteristics of CBD; the oil is a natural product which has been shown to have pain relieving, analgesic and anti-inflammatory efficacy;
  • CBD crystals: the crystals guarantee 99.8% pure CBD, thanks to a particular type of extraction of the active ingredient with supercritical CO2 that does not affect its purity; this product is certainly the most refined that can be found on the market thanks to the purity that guarantees a better assimilation;
  • Inflorescences: CBD is commonly extracted from the inflorescences of the plant, which contain a low percentage of THC and a high concentration of CBD; it is good to underline that in Italy the inflorescences can be purchased only for technical use or as a perfume for environments, it is therefore not legal to smoke weed with the cycle;
  • Herbal teas with CBD: for those who love to drink something hot to relieve menstrual pain, herbal teas with CBD of various flavors are highly recommended thanks to the different components from all over the world with which they are created;
  • Creams with CBD: the cosmetic sector has also opened up more and more to the use of CBD in creams and for the particular problem of menstrual pain, the regenerating body cream is recommended.

Say goodbye to those annoying stomach cramps

If you often suffer from menstrual pains, whether they are lighter as in the case of PMS or heavier as in the case of dysmenorrhea, scientists have shown positive results regarding the effectiveness of this remedy.

We remind you that drugs created in the laboratory can often relieve period pains but cause other very unpleasant side effects that involve the gastrointestinal system. And above all remember that, just for being a woman, you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Those who do not give up are much stronger and continuously seeks new methods, natural and scientifically tested, for the treatment of ailments and diseases.

In a nutshell, CBD is able to relieve pain (even the very strong one), to reduce inflammation, to regulate the production of the molecules responsible for menstrual cramps, to balance mood, to relieve anxiety and stress, as well as to promote a more peaceful sleep.

Today there are many cannabidiol-based products in circulation even if CBD oil is the most promising one, as it contains all the substances already present in nature within the hemp plant. In jargon we speak of entourage effecti.e. the substances work in synergy to offer a more balanced result by amplifying their respective properties.

Studies have shown that the chemicals contained in cannabis produce distinct and more effective effects when they work together, rather than taking CBD, vitamins or proteins in their singularity.

Now that you have a clearer idea, you can visit our shop and discover all the products we produce containing cannabidiol. We are sure that the combined menstrual pain and CBD oil will not disappoint you.

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