Bailey Groenendaal, the new athlete sponsored by Cibdol

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The world of cyclocross

Photo by: Steffen Müssiggang @radsportphotonet

Cyclocross, or cyclocross, is an action-packed sport where riders compete against each other on all types of terrain: from asphalt stretches to forest trails, steep hills and muddy or sandy terrain. Stamina and bike handling skills are crucial to success on the cyclocross circuit. 17-year-old athlete Bailey Groenendaal knows exactly what it takes to succeed.

With eyes ablaze with passion, this great cyclo-cross racer is the latest athlete to be sponsored by Cibdol. But let’s not talk about ourselves anymore; Let’s see why this young star will give a lot to talk about in the future.

Bailey Groenendaal knows how to perform under pressure

Photo by: Steffen Müssiggang @radsportphotonet

Bailey may be new to the Cibdol team, but on the cyclocross scene he is already an established talent. Having competed in a World Championship, and numerous Youth World Cup appearances, Bailey knows well the pressure of high performance sports. But instead of avoiding the challenge, he enjoys the thrill of the race.

“On Wednesday I trained with national coach Gerben de Knegt,” Bailey says proudly. “There is never a certainty of being selected. I have to be selected to compete, and that means always performing well. That pressure makes it quite difficult.”

Although Bailey may have a promising future in cyclocross, he is still a young man juggling school and studies. Fortunately, the Vakcollege in Eindhoven, where he studies a pre-vocational training in economics and entrepreneurship, allows him enough flexibility to maintain his level in the classroom and perform on the track.

“It’s great that school hours are adapted to help with cyclo-cross. If I have to race on a Sunday, I have Monday off. That way I have time to eat breakfast, exercise and rest, or go to the massage therapist to recover.”

Focusing on delivering the best results with the help of Cibdol

From the moment he wakes up, Bailey is focused on one goal: building his reputation as a professional cyclist. “I’m training a lot harder now than I was last year,” Bailey says as she explains his training routine.

“In any case, my training hours increase every year. And, therefore, the intensity increases considerably. However, I receive help from my parents, who run a gym. My father guides me during training, and my mother helps me with my diet, among other things”.

Bailey’s diet is personalized, providing her body and mind with exactly what they need to perform at such a high level.

“To get enough nutrients to be able to build muscle and recover, vitamin and mineral supplements are a must. I burn a lot of calories on the bike! And before you know it, you’ve lost a lot of weight. I often think back to two years ago. So I was too skinny and often falling ill. Intense training and lack of nutrition left me running on my reserves. That experience taught me to drink before thirsty, and to always go to bed and get up at the right time.”

Experience brings greater focus, and the collaboration with Cibdol helps Bailey hone his skills as a cyclist.

“Cibdol gives me the support to choose my own material. That’s great. This way I can invest in extra replacement materials. My bike is 800 grams lighter than before, which really makes a big difference on the climbs.” And with a wink he adds: “but in the end, of course, I myself am the engine. I have to pedal.”

Bailey’s first win in a Cibdol jersey

Photo by: Steffen Müssiggang @radsportphotonet

In addition to supporting him on a day-to-day basis, Bailey’s father and mother attend all of his cyclocross races. In fact, traveling is another aspect of cyclo-cross that Bailey thoroughly enjoys.

“We’ve already been to many different countries in Europe,” says Bailey. But despite her busy schedule, his goal is to finish the season strong. “I want to race in Zaltbommel, in the NK at the beginning of January, and shortly after that I would like to get on the podium in Ostend in the World Cup.”

With the encouragement of her parents, and the support of Cibdol, Bailey is well on her way to achieving her goals. She even has already achieved her first victory with the Cibdol jersey in the Stockholm cyclo-cross event, in Sweden.

Bailey is quite rightly proud of it, as well as his new cyclocross kit, as he flashes a photo of the gray and white striped jersey on his phone. “Because of the mud from the race, the white will not stay white.” And Radiant adds “I couldn’t do better than with the support of Cibdol”.

Bailey is the second athlete to join the Cibdol team, alongside monobob athlete Karlien Sleper. Together, we work to help them realize their dreams, promoting greater well-being with the right diet and the right vitamins, minerals and supplements.

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