5 Star Movement: draft law for the liberalization of cannabis

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The bill for the liberalization of cannabis was presented by the pentastellated senators Matteo Mantero and Lello Ciampolillo. It is possible to grow up to four cannabis plants in your home.

The senators of the 5 star movement Mantero and Ciampolillo filed two bills with the subject la cannabis.

“One concerns patients and therefore the cultivation of 4 seedlings for those who use cannabis to treat their diseases. So those who are already in possession of the medical prescription or the therapeutic plan that gives access to the dispensing of cannabis in pharmacies, with this bill could grow up to 4 plants in their homes “, explains the senator to dolcevitaonline.it

This bill it is to prevent people, including patients at times when cannabis is in short supply in pharmacies, from having to stock up on the black market.

The other bill instead provides for the domestic cultivation of 4 cannabis plants to all adults and therefore for pure recreational purposes.

“We want to sanction the right to cultivation because in my opinion it is impossible to prohibit nature and therefore a plant. In the present case we are talking about a plant that, even if a light drug, has never hurt anyone. How is it possible to think of banning a soft drug like cannabis in a state like Italy, where hard drugs like tobacco and alcohol are legal? ” continues the senator.

The two laws have not yet been scheduled, but the senator has assured that he will ask for an urgent discussion of the two laws or to start with at least one of the two.

In the meantime, we just have to admire countries that are certainly more advanced than ours in this particular matter, such as Canada, United States, Holland, etc. who have already liberalized the use of cannabis for creative purposes.

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