5 celebrities who consume CBD oil

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Cannabidiol oil (or CBD oil for short) is fast becoming a wonderful liquid – and a great way to ingest CBD – the “other” (non-psychoactive) cannabinoid. This oil contains, at most, traces of THC, so it doesn’t get you high. However, it has many beneficial health properties. CBD interacts with the body through the endocannabinoid system and positively affects mood, sleep, appetite, pain, and the immune response. It has no known side effects.

Most people consume CBD oil through a dropper that is delivered under the tongue.

It is recommended to store it in a cool and dark place.

A greater understanding of the beneficial effects of this oil has led some celebrities to publicly admit that they use CBD for medicinal purposes.


Whoopi G.oldberg

The comedic actress and host of the popular American television variety show The View, is also a well-known cannabis user and advocate. For a long time, she has used a vaporizer to consume hash oil to treat health problems such as stress, pain, and glaucoma.

Goldberg has decided to move into the cannabis products market, opening her own business last year with Maya Elisabeth – Maya & Whoopi – selling CBD edibles, tinctures and salves, and even THC-laden bath salts.

She uses CBD when THC is impossible for her, and promotes her CBD products to people who, like her, need relief even during the workday.


Another Hollywood celebrity who is also a well-known CBD advocate is Morgan Freeman, known for his deep voice and calm demeanor. Freeman consumes both CBD and THC to combat fibromyalgia that he suffers from after suffering a serious accident in 2008.


Chong, the other half of his partner Cheech, became famous in the United States during the 1970s for his stoner comedies. His current support for the legalization of cannabinoids is due to a personal need. He consumes CBD oil on a regular basis and claims that it was instrumental in his recovery from prostate cancer. “I’ve kicked cancer’s ass,” he said of his CBD use.


Williams is another longtime advocate of legalizing cannabinoids – including the CBD oil he regularly uses to treat his multiple sclerosis. He has been a strong advocate of cannabis since 1999. In 2016, while at the Frankfurt airport, the police found cannabinoids in his luggage. After proving that they had been prescribed by his doctor and that he was taking them for medicinal purposes, he was released with his medication intact. He is one of the few celebrities caught with drugs at an airport who have not been arrested for possession.


Etheridge was cannabinoid-free before being diagnosed with breast cancer, and is now a strong advocate of medical marijuana and CBD oil, which she consumes regularly.

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